Event types

When you apply for a license to organize a TEDx event, you'll be asked to choose an event type. TEDx event types are exactly what they sound like: different kinds of TEDx events. Every TEDx event falls under one of these categories, and while all events follow a very similar format, some different content, rules and audiences apply to each type of event.

Standard event

This event type is organized in the city or town in which you live, engages a wide range of local residents, and showcases a diverse array of talks, not limited to one subject. The event is named after the location-based community it serves. Learn more

University event

Holding your event for your university? This event type is for those hosted at a college or university, and organized by current university administration staff, faculty or students. Learn more

Youth event

This is a TEDx event organized by, or catered toward, youth and/or kids or school communities. Learn more

ED event

ED events are TEDx events where educators, students, administrators and others gather to discuss the future of education. Learn more

Salon event

This is a small weekly or monthly event that keeps a TEDx community engaged between regularly scheduled TEDx events. In order to organize a Salon event, applicants must already have an existing standard license. Learn more

TEDxLive event

TEDxLive is centered around the simulcast of the annual TED Conference. Here, the world becomes TED’s audience. Learn more

TEDxWomen event

A TEDxWomen event is a TEDx event which celebrates a number of different ideas, from a range of disciplines, either given by or relating to women. TEDxWomen events are organized around the official TEDWomen conference. Learn more

Business event

TEDx Business events provide the framework for businesses to spark innovation and ignite conversations through private, staff-only events built on TED and TEDx’s winning formula of short, striking talks. Learn more

Internal event

This is for nonprofit organizations, government entities and hospitals that want to organize an event under an institutional name. This event type, and the naming exception it grants, is approved only for internal, private, employees-only events. Learn more

Library event

This event follows the same format as a standard event, except that it is hosted by librarians at a local library. Learn more


Countdown events are gatherings meant to amplify and demonstrate climate solutions with the world. They can be held in various formats - live speaker events, screenings of the Countdown summit in Bergen, showcases of solution technologies, or even volunteer activities contributing to positive change. Learn more

Studio license

The Studio license is a TEDx license designed to provide greater flexibility for you to produce compelling new ideas anytime, anywhere, and independent of your TEDx events. Learn more

Each event type has additional conditions assigned to it, based on the Licensing Tier of the primary license holder. A Licensing Tier represents where each individual licensee is in their TEDx journey. Learn more

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