Business license

The TEDx Business license empowers companies to organize internal TEDx events to gather employees in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format around powerful ideas.

However your employees are gathering, the TEDx Business license can help take your company event to the next level.

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About this event type

Employees organize, attend, and view TEDx Business events to share powerful ideas that can help transform your workplace from within and build a culture of innovation.

License benefits

Make your company events matter

Use TED’s winning format and brand to level up your next employee event. With a TEDx Business license you receive:

  • Customized TEDx brand license
  • Licensing + resource concierge at TED HQ
  • TEDx Business Design Kit (event branding made easy)
  • Comprehensive event planning guides for in-person, virtual & hybrid events
  • TED Masterclass speaker coaching app for up to 15 event speakers
  • Curation prompts & event break activity suggestions from TED
Build an employee-powered platform for ideas
  • Bring TEDx ideas to your company intranet or employee learning platform
  • Distribution rights to promote your TEDx Business talk videos (internally-only)
  • Curated suite of TED Talks focused on learning & development for your event
Join the global TED community
  • Complimentary TED Membership with member-only exclusives
  • Priority registration to flagship TED conferences + workshops
  • Access to discounted virtual event platforms, tools, and streaming services for TEDx organizers

License rules

  • Name: Headquarters = TEDx(Company); Branch = TEDx(Organization)(City)
  • Organizers: An event has one licensee who must be a company employee
  • Audience: Employees and staff of your organization
  • Theme: Must be multidisciplinary and include speakers with diverse ideas
  • Talks: A talk is <18 minutes by a single presenter (can be external but not paid)
  • Recordings: Talks are not uploaded to TEDx YouTube channel or
  • Promotion: The event and talks can only be marketed and promoted internally
  • Duration: As brief as a few hours or as long as one day
  • Timing: License is for one event within one year of application confirmation
  • License rules: Adhere to TEDx Rules to safeguard the integrity of TEDx

Event spotlight

TEDxNovartis successfully inspired and gathered employees with a global virtual TEDx Business event. Watch this TEDx Business event spotlight video to learn more about how you can bring TEDx to your company.

Pricing + contact

TEDx Business licenses require a license fee that directly supports TED, a nonprofit organization. Contact for custom pricing.

Other partnership possibilities

If you are looking to leverage TED’s curatorial and coaching resources, flagship events, distribution platforms, or customized events for internal or external marketing, TED can work with you to develop a comprehensive program that taps into our broad array of experiential, interactive and storytelling formats. To learn how your company can engage more with TED, contact


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Event outcomes

A platform for ideas

TEDx events ask employees to share dynamic ideas outside of day-to-day work.

A culture of innovation

Organizing teams and attendees learn to build meaningful narratives and present their ideas.

Employee-powered engagement

TEDx events (virtually or in-person) engage employees at scale and empower cross-departmental collaboration.

In good company

With a TEDx Business license, your company joins a global community of forward-thinking organizations investing in their employees and workplace culture. Over 500 TEDx Business events have been organized! Click on logos to see case studies.