Business license

TEDx Business events leverage the TEDx brand to energize company culture, encourage cross-departmental collaboration and spread new ideas throughout your organization.

About this event type

TEDx provides the framework for businesses to spark innovation and ignite conversations through private, staff-only events built on TED and TEDx’s winning formula of short, striking talks. TEDx Business events range in all sizes from intimate, salon-style experiences to larger gatherings, connecting hundreds of employees.

These events are self organized, always internal and are not publicly facing. Instead, TEDx Business events motivate employees to engage with their workplace in new and inspiring ways -- by designing, discovering and sharing ideas core to your company’s mission and values.

An annual license fee is applicable to all for-profit organizations wishing to obtain a TEDx Business License. Are you applying on behalf of a non-profit or government entity? Consider our Internal license instead.

Features of the program include:

  • Intellectual property rights to the TEDx brand for an internal event (in line with the TEDx license rules)
  • Dedicated TEDx Business support to ensure your success with the program
  • Invitation to attend gatherings for TEDx Business organizers for knowledge sharing
  • Access to TEDxHub, a TEDx platform for global knowledge sharing and best practice
  • Access to TEDx staff webinars and training
  • Opportunity to attend TEDx events that run parallel to TED events
  • Option to live stream your TEDx event to one other company location

Please note these TEDx Business events are private, staff-only events that cannot be promoted or advertised beyond the reach of your company’s internal platforms. Before applying, please review all additional rules and guidelines for TEDs Business Events on our resources page.

TEDx Business Delivers...

  1. Thought Leadership TEDx Business events offer a unique opportunity to spotlight changemakers and share their ideas in your workplace. The structure of TEDx encourages bold thinking and asks employees to share dynamic ideas outside of day-to-day work.
  2. A Culture of Innovation Organizing teams and attendees learn how to build meaningful narratives and improve presentation skills.
  3. Employee-Powered Engagement TEDx events empower organizers to work cross-departmentally and engage with employees and ideas at all scales.
  4. A Ready-Made Platform with Built-in Expertise With the TEDx Business license, your organization will be leveraging a platform and tools that have been used to produce over 15,000 TEDx events worldwide. Generating great new ideas for your organization has never been easier.

In good company

Over 500 internal events have been staged at company locations across the globe, including:

TEDxRocheParis, TEDxGoogleLondon, TEDxFrieslandCampina, TEDxKPMGSydney, TEDxSoftServeLviv, TEDxBarclaysNorthampton, TEDxHewlettPackardBangalore, TEDxMorganStanleyLondon, TEDxTelstraMelbourne, TEDxAirbusHamburg, TEDxDeloitteJohannesburg, TEDxPwCMilan, TEDxMirConsultants, TEDxLeoBurnettMoscow, TEDxHanmiBejing, TEDxVodafoneIreland, TEDxMcKessonSanFrancisco, TEDxIntelMadrid, and many more.


“By working as a self-organizing team, they were able to bring success and motivate employees to be more high functioning. After TEDxPfizerMumbai, employees reported their daily work problems seemed less overwhelming and more manageable, they were more willing to take on difficult projects, and they found more meaning in their work.” Richard L. Daft Vanderbilt and Dorothy Marcic in Understanding Management on TEDxPfizerMumbai

Download the TEDx Business program brief for additional testimonials and information on bringing TEDx to your company.

Want to Partner with TED in other ways?

This event type is an outstanding choice for organizations committed to self-producing a smaller scale internal event.

If you are looking to partner with TED in a way that leverages our curatorial and coaching resources, provides access to our flagship events, provides distribution on our TED digital platforms, and creates customized events for internal as well as external marketing purposes, TED also provides a series of flexible, multi-disciplinary formats for organizations. TED offers a platform to uniquely amplify and activate a strategic objective, opportunity, or message to both your employees, clients, and to TED’s influential and engaged community.

From upping your thought leadership quotient to helping reposition your brand to exploring radical ways of doing business to injecting inventive energy into your corporate culture, TED can work with your organization to develop a comprehensive program that taps into our broad array of experiential, interactive and storytelling formats.

To learn more about how your company can engage more with TED, contact

Feel free to contact TEDx Partnerships Associate Michael Ryan at with any specific questions.