Programs & initiatives

TED's mission of "Ideas Worth Spreading" reaches far beyond the conference and video series, encompassing a variety of projects and initiatives that leverage the power of ideas.

TED Talks

TED Talks is our flagship video series of great talks and performances, filmed at TED conferences, independent TEDx events and on other stages worldwide.

TED Conferences

At TED Conferences, speakers appear on the main stage to give 18-minute talks and shorter presentations, including music, performance and comedy.

TEDx Program

The TEDx program lets individuals, organizations and communities worldwide hold local, independent TED-like events. To date, more than 13,000 TEDx events have been held in 150 countries.

TED Fellows Program

The TED Fellows program invites innovators from around the globe to become part of the TED community, and amplifies the impact of their remarkable work.

TED Translators

The TED Translator program invites volunteers worldwide to subtitle TED Talks. To date, over 38,000 volunteers have created more than 180,000 translations in 100+ languages.


TED-Ed offers original, animated video lessons — to watch online or use in the classroom. Educators can use the TED-Ed website to take any video and build a customized lesson around it.

TED en Español

Discover TED Talks in the Spanish language. TED en Español is designed to develop content and community in the Spanish-speaking world.

بالعربي TED | TEDinArabic

TEDinArabic is a global platform designed to identify and amplify original voices and TED content from the Arabic-speaking world. Created in partnership with Qatar Foundation.

The Audacious Project

The Audacious Project is a collaborative experiment to put bold ideas for social change into action, by funding them at scale.

TED Institute

The TED Institute helps organizations unlock institutional knowledge and surface innovative thinking.

TED Partnerships

The TED Partnerships team works with the world's leading corporations and foundations to connect the TED content and audience to their missions.

TED Audio Collective

TED brings ideas worth spreading to the world of audio, with a growing collection of original podcasts.

TED Talks in the English classroom

With National Geographic Learning programs with TED Talks, learners of English experience their world through the stories, ideas, photography and video of National Geographic and TED.

TED Masterclass

Master the skills of TED speakers with TED Masterclass. TED's official public speaking course will teach you how to identify, develop and share your best ideas with the world, either as an individual, a business or an educational organization.

TED Courses

TED Courses are four-week online courses taught by a TED speaker. Connect with a global community of lifelong learners and move through a beautifully crafted course that will help provide the inspiration, knowledge and skills you need to thrive.


TED Talks reimagined for workplace learning: includes powerful talks with practical tools to activate ideas in your organization.


Black@TED is an Employee Resource Group that exists to provide a safe space for TED staff who identify as Black. We are committed to elevating black ideas and experiences at TED and the global community at large.