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TED Translators at TEDxMohammedia

Lalla Khadija Tigha on stage at TEDxMohammedia In North African news, TED Translator Lalla Khadija Tigha recently represented TED Translators at TEDxMohammedia in Morocco. This ...

TED’s newest most-subtitled talk

At TEDxTrondheim 2015, an event organized by TED Translator Martin Hassel, TED Translator Marleen Laschet delivered a talk titled “Speak to the heart”. In it, she explores ho...

TED Translators at TEDxBrussels

On March 6, TEDxBrussels held its sixth gathering to date. About 1,800 people attended, including six TED Translators: Klavdija Cernilogar, Yulia Kallistratova, Elise Lecamp, K...
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