Volunteer Roles

The TED Translators program encourages the growth and advancement of all of our volunteers. There are specific roles volunteers can achieve to engage in the program and develop their skills:

Translator / Transcriber

Translators and transcribers are volunteers who create subtitles on CaptionHub. New volunteers should work on one assignment at a time before claiming a new video to subtitle.



Reviewers are experienced volunteers who can conduct reviews (in addition to translations and transcripts) and provide feedback on captions for less experienced peers to improve upon.


  • Advanced language skills in source and target languages
  • Has a strong understanding of TED guidelines and best practices
  • Technically meets reviewer qualifications of 10 published subtitles in target language

Language Supervisor

LSs are experienced volunteers who advise on linguistic questions, help perform post-edits when needed, and participate in special TED projects.


  • Expert language skills in source and target languages
  • Expert in TED guidelines and best practices
  • Technically meets Language Supervisor qualifications of 40 published reviews in target language

Mentees and Mentors

Volunteers who are looking to develop their subtitling and reviewing skills are welcome to apply for our Mentoring program as mentees. We offer goal-specific tracks mentees can select from to help them develop these skills.

Reviewers and language supervisors are encouraged to apply as mentors to collaborate with less experienced volunteers and share their expertise.

Check out our Mentoring page for details on mentee and mentor qualifications and how to apply!