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TED Translators contribute their time, energy and expertise to subtitle for TED. Thanks to their generosity, TED can reach a wider global audience.

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Meet our most active volunteers:

Sebastian Betti

Buenos Aires, Argentina
French, Italian, Spanish

Ido Dekkers

Sde Warburg, Israel
English, Hebrew

Denise R Quivu

English, French, Italian

Elisabeth Buffard

Marseille, France
English, French, Spanish

Ariana Bleau Lugo

Silver Spring, MD, United States
French, Romanian, Spanish

Els De Keyser

Mechelen, Belgium
Dutch, English, French

Anwar Dafa-Alla

Khartoum, Sudan
Arabic, English

Anna Cristiana Minoli

Milano, Italy
French, Italian

Mile Živković

Indjija, Serbia
English, Serbian