The Audacious Project

The Audacious Project is a collaborative approach to funding big ideas with the potential to create change at thrilling scale.

Launched in 2018, The Audacious Project has already shown what humanity can accomplish when bold ideas meet real resources. Housed at TED, and supported by The Bridgespan Group, this is a unique partnership between some of the most respected organizations in philanthropy and the public. Every year we select bold ideas for social impact, and work with changemakers to make their initiatives even more audacious. We then present those ideas to the public and an inspiring group of donors who come together to get them launched!

We're making philanthropy more collaborative, more inspiring — and more effective.

From the design of the first satellite to combat oil and gas emissions from the Environmental Defense Fund, to the millions in Sub-Saharan Africa enjoying better healthcare because of Living Goods and Last Mile Health's innovative community healthcare expansions, The Audacious Project is empowering social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to take on the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges.

Updates From The Audacious Project

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