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The Audacious Project is TED's initiative to fund ambitious ideas for social good.


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In 2020, this organization has fed people through hurricanes, wildfires, an explosion and the pandemic. Here’s how

2020 has been filled with crisis after crisis, and World Central Kitchen (WCK), a nonprofit founded by Spanish chef José Andrés, has been on the scene of many of them. Here's how WCK has been able to keep responding and keep providing meals to those in need.
Posted Dec 2020

9 eye-opening facts about antibiotic resistance — and 1 hopeful approach to overcoming it

Imagine, for a moment, living in a world where getting a cut could be life-threatening. That’s exactly what would happen if our antibiotics lose their ability to treat bacterial infections. Learn more about antibiotic resistance in bacteria and what Jim Collins and his team at MIT are doing to identify effective new drugs.
Posted Jul 2020

What does it take to change the world? 6 women nonprofit leaders tell us

Transformative change isn't easy, but working towards it can be tremendously rewarding. Six women leaders in philanthropy talk openly about their challenges, what they've learned, and how they avoid burnout.
Posted Mar 2020
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