TED Masterclass

Master the skills of TED speakers with TED Masterclass. TED's official public speaking course will teach you how to identify, develop and share your best ideas with the world, either as an individual, a business, or an educational organization.

For individuals

TED Masterclass for individuals gives anyone the chance to develop their own TED-style talk. The 11-lesson course shows you how to craft your best ideas into compelling narratives through a series of vivid animated lessons and interactive activities. Full access to the course is available via in-app purchase, and all proceeds support the nonprofit work of TED. The in-app purchase is a one-time payment for unlimited access to TED Masterclass.

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For business

TED Masterclass for Businesses helps surface and celebrate the best ideas within organizations. Adapted to work with any LMS (Learning Management System), TED Masterclass is designed to be flexible for individual, partner or group learning. The course includes 11 lessons that guide learners through the process of identifying, developing and communicating their ideas to make an impact.

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For educational organizations

The educator community is teeming with brilliant, innovative, and extremely under-circulated ideas. TED Masterclass for Educational Organizations is a professional learning program that helps surface and celebrate the best ideas within schools, districts and other educational organizations. The top educator talks submitted through TED Masterclass will be featured on the TED-Ed Educator Talks channel.

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