TED Fellows Program

The TED Fellows Program recognizes people at work on future-shaping ideas, offering them tools to amplify the power of their vision. Each year, a new group of TED Fellows from around the world, and from every discipline, are welcomed into this international community of remarkable thinkers and doers who have shown unusual accomplishment, exceptional courage, strength of character, and potential to create positive change in their respective fields.

How TED Fellows are selected

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Meet the latest cohort of TED Fellows

How TED supports TED Fellows

Once selected, TED Fellows receive transformational support. The program offers them TED’s power to help articulate and amplify their vision. The program supports TED Fellows’ with the individual capacity-building required to take the global stage. We equip TED Fellows with public speaking and media training, professional coaching, educational programming and connect them to a global network of peers and industry leaders.

The results

After joining the network, TED Fellows report increased clarity of mission, improved self-confidence and increased recognition of their ideas and research. Access to the TED community enables TED Fellows to connect with global leaders who become business partners, collaborators, funders and mentors. With the program’s support, TED Fellows, been awarded prestigious prizes and grants, become more established as leaders in their fields, have received millions of dollars in funding for their research and have been published widely. Within the community, new TED Fellows join the already vibrant TED Fellows community, sparking cross-disciplinary collaborations and ventures. Most significantly, the program has helped TED Fellows to expand and intensify the impact of their ideas and research projects, leading to real outcomes like preserving some of the most important ecological places on the planet, changing entrenched cultural norms, and enhancing living conditions for people around the world.