Collaborative learning + tools

One of the most valuable ways to master your skills as a TEDx organizer is by learning from other organizers in the community. We’ve learned at TED that organizers can be each other’s best mentors, teachers, and advocates.


The TEDxHub is an online knowledge-sharing platform designed specially for the TEDx community. It’s THE place for TEDx’ers to talk; share files, photos and videos with each other; and event host online meetings with 100+ people. If you’re a TEDx organizer, please join the TEDxHub!

TEDx Community Hangouts

Hosted on the TEDxHub , our online community hangouts are the best way to learn about best practices and what’s coming up for TEDx, and to get face time with TEDx staff and other members of the TEDx community on a regular basis.

Solving for X

Solving for X is a podcast series for the TEDx community in which we explore different aspects of organizing TED and TEDx events. Listen to these on-the-go resources to hear about the strategies and experiences of TEDx organizers, TED staff, and TEDx speakers.

TEDx Video Library

Check out these video resources to learn about organizing TEDx events. This library includes a collection of helpful videos from TEDx organizers and TED staff, as well as past TED World Theater Hangouts.

Regional workshops

If you want to connect with and learn from (or teach) other organizers in person, check out our regional workshops. These meetings give organizers from the same region the chance to meet face-to-face to collaborate and share each other’s best practices.

TEDx Ambassadors

TEDx Ambassadors play a special role in the global TEDx community by serving as regional leaders for TED and TEDx. Ambassadors support and protect their region’s community, vision, and leadership.