Apply for a TEDx license

Choose the type of TEDx event you would like to organize by clicking one of the buttons in the list below. (You'll then head on to the main application form.) Note that each event type in this list is subject to a separate set of rules, guidelines and applicable dates.

Before applying please make sure to:

  1. Read the TEDx Rules
  2. Pick your event type
  3. Read about naming your event

Things to remember

  • Spirit/purpose: Your event must maintain the spirit of TED itself: multidisciplinary, focused on the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. TEDx events are not agenda or single-topic driven.
  • Co-branding: We do not allow co-branding -- either connecting the TEDx logo/identity/name to the name of another organization, non-profit, corporation or other, or presenting your TEDx event as being organized by such entities.
  • Location: TED allocates one location-based license series per applicant; you must live in the city for which you are applying for a license. Your TEDx event must happen in the city for which you received the license. TEDx events do not travel -- a TEDx license is valid for one city, and for one event.
  • Co-events: TEDx events are stand-alone events -- they may not be combined with or integrated into any pre-existing conference or event.

Before you continue, please make sure to review how to apply for a TEDx license.

TEDxWomen is an exciting opportunity to share some of the main stage TEDWomen talks to a curated audience of your choosing.

A TEDx event for youth and/or kids or school communities. Learn more about hosting a youth event.

ED events are TEDx events where educators, students, administrators and others gather to discuss the future of education. Learn more about hosting an ed event.

A small, weekly or monthly event that keeps your community engaged between larger events. Learn more about hosting a salon event.

A private, internal, employees-only TEDx event organized by a for-profit organization. Learn more about hosting a business event.

A private, internal, employees-only TEDx event organized by a nonprofit, government organization or hospital. Learn more about hosting an internal event.

Not sure which event type to choose? Read more about all the different event types.