TEDxWomen event

TEDxWomen is an exciting opportunity to help move the conversation about the power of girls and women in a meaningful way. TEDxWomen events are community-driven and open to everyone interested in speaking or attending, inclusive of everyone from across the gender spectrum.

Through a TEDxWomen license, you can share talks from all previous TEDWomen conferences and other relevant talks from the TED Talks library, curate local talks from your own community, or share a combination of both for an audience that can contribute meaningfully to the conversation. Check out some memorable TEDWomen and TEDxWomen talks from over the years!

About TEDxWomen events

TEDxWomen events may be organized at any time during the year. All TEDx standard rules apply to a TEDxWomen license.

The license will expire once your TEDxWomen event is complete.

How you can contribute to the conversation

When organizing a TEDxWomen event, there are several ways you can contribute to the conversation:

  • TEDxWomen organizers will be able to feature talks from all previous TEDWomen activations and other relevant talks.

  • You are not required to share talks from TEDWomen at your event.

  • We will provide a TED-curated playlist of talks from past TEDWomen or TED events by women or featuring women’s issues (subtitled and available in at least five languages).

  • Be sure to state in your application if you intend to host live speakers at your event.

More on this event type:

Naming Your event

If you are a first-time TEDx licensee, apply using a location-based name followed by "Women," like so: TEDx[Location Name] Women. Existing TEDx licensees have the option to use the “Women" OR their standard TEDx event name when organizing their TEDxWomen event (e.g., “TEDxAmsterdam” OR “TEDxAmsterdam Women”).


Your audience should be from the area or community where you are holding your TEDxWomen event. We recommend that organizers carefully curate their audience, and select a diverse group of people who can contribute meaningfully to the conversation.


At your event, you’ll want to feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines, but primarily people who are from the local community you’re serving. To get an idea of what you want the focus of your event to be, learn more about themes.


TEDxWomen events can be up to one day in length.


You may charge up to $100 USD per ticket to attendees to cover your expenses.


If you plan to livestream your TEDxWomen event for remote attendees, you will not be able to stream TED content via your team’s YouTube channel.

  • Our team will not unblock your event’s YouTube channel for your event.
  • If your program includes TED content: you can still livestream your event, but you’ll have to use a platform other than YouTube.
  • If your program only includes local talks: you may livestream your event via any platform including YouTube, no unblocking required.

Previous events

TEDxAmsterdam Women
For years, TEDxAmsterdam Women has celebrated female innovation and ingenuity in The Netherlands’ largest city.
TEDxBarcelona Women
TEDxBarcelona Women: Streaming of the TEDWomen 2016 event from San Francisco plus live talks, inspiring pitches and artistic exhibitions made in Barcelona.