Standard event

This event type is organized in the city or town in which you live, engages a wide range of local residents, and showcases a diverse array of talks, not limited to one subject. The event is named after the location-based community it serves.

About this event type

Once you apply for a license for a standard event type, that license will remain active for 12 months, during which you can organize one event. You'll be the sole owner of the unique TEDx name you provide in your application.

After your event, you have the option to renew your license, or you can let it expire – releasing the event name for other organizers to use. A record of your event will remain visible on the TED website after the expiration of your license, but you'll need to give up domain names and other properties associated with the unique name for any new organizers to use.

The following applies to all standard events:

Naming your event

Your event should be named after the community, city, or neighborhood the event is residing (e.g., “TEDxSydney,” “TEDxGracia”). Read more about the rules for naming your event.


Your audience is simply the people who live in the area where you’re holding your event. Since a standard event its a more general event type, you’re not targeting a specific demographic besides those that reside in that city or neighborhood. But we do recommend organizers carefully curate their audience, and select a diverse group of people who can contribute meaningfully to the conversation.


Standard TEDx events can hold up to 100 guests for their gathering. Only individuals who have attended an official TED conference can organize an event with more than 100 attendees.


For a standard event type, your focus or theme should be multidisciplinary and broad, and address a variety of topics. You’ll want to feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines, but are primarily from the local community you’re serving. To get an idea of what you want the focus of your event to be, learn more about themes.


Standard TEDx events can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to one day in length.


You may charge up to $100 USD per ticket to attendees.

Example events

TEDxBozeman in Montana, US, celebrated state spirit with talks on local wildlife and conservation, fossil hunting, engineering -- even new closed-captioning systems.

TEDxRiodelaPlata is a long-running series of TEDx events in Argentina, where behavioral scientists, physicians, green activists and urban artists celebrate the energy and culture of Buenos Aires and the region.