Internal event

Internal TEDx events are for corporations, non-profits, government organizations and other institutions that want to create a TEDx event with a co-branded name. Hosting an internal event can be an excellent way to bring the spirit of TED and TEDx to your workplace.

About this event type

We don’t allow most TEDx events to be co-branded with corporations or organizations, since one of our most important values of TED is to be commercial and agenda-free. However, with a license for an internal event, corporations and organizations can organize private, employees-only events where their TEDx name can include that institution.

These events look very different from most TEDx events because they’re internal, private, staff-only events that can’t be promoted or advertised beyond the reach of your company’s internal platforms.

All TEDx rules apply to an internal TEDx event license, but with a few very important exceptions:

  • Your audience must be employees only.
  • They can only be marketed and promoted internally; fliers, websites, interviews, videos and other promotional or advertising materials visible to the public are never permitted.
  • Video recorded at internal events is for internal use only and can’t be released publicly.
  • The licensee must be an employee of the company.

The following also applies to internal events:

Naming your event

Organizers of internal events should name their event based on the institution that they’re holding their event, followed by the city or neighborhood, like: TEDx(InstitutionName). If your institution is in multiple cities, any of which also host TEDx events, the name should be distinguished from those other TEDx events by adding the name of your city at the end, like: TEDx(InstitutionName)(city name).


Your audience will be the employees and staff of your organization. Unfortunately, you can’t invite anyone outside of your corporation or organization, even special “members” who are associated with the company, clients or partnering organizations.


Like standard TEDx events, internal events can have up to 100 guests. Only individuals who have attended an official TED conference can organize an event with more than 100 attendees.


An internal event is often themed around the industry your institution is a part of, but it should still be multidisciplinary and broad, and address a variety of topics. You’ll want to feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines. Learn more about themes to get an idea of what you want the focus of your event to be.


Like standard TEDx events, your internal event can be as brief as a couple of hours, and as long as one full day.

If you’re interested in organizing an internal event, we have a dedicated page just for organizers, to guide you through the planning process.


Find more resources on the Internal event resources page.

Example events

TEDxIntuit is an annual event at Intuit, the software company, that first came to life in San Diego in November 2011.The event exclusively features external speakers, injecting new points of view into the business.
Johnson & Johnson hosts a TEDxJNJ event every year with hundreds of employees attending. The event is institutionalized under the Human Resources corporate structure within the company.