Countdown event

2020 is the year for Countdown, a bold, global movement to find ways to shift, more rapidly, to a world with net zero greenhouse emissions and tackle the climate crisis. Everyone is invited to participate: organizations, schools, universities, and city representative offices. TED is working with incredible networks to coordinate a day of global gatherings on 10.10.2020 to ignite ideas, showcase solutions, and drive action locally! Sign up below and join us!

About this event type

Countdown events are gatherings to amplify and demonstrate climate solutions with the world. At their core, they use the TEDx model and rules, but with some special differences outlined below. They also can be in various formats - live speaker events, screenings of the Countdown summit in Bergen, showcases of solution technologies, or even volunteer activities contributing to positive change. It’s time to take back power on climate!

Between October 10-18, 2020, events will take place around the world to feature innovative solutions to the climate challenge we all face.

How you can get involved

  1. Hold a Countdown TEDx event with talks that offer new solutions and local perspectives on climate change.
  2. Organize a screening to inspire your community with talks from the TED event in Bergen (this can be alongside live speakers).
  3. Show your community how they can engage by organizing volunteer activities around climate issues. Here, the only limitation is your imagination!

Naming your event

Your event will be named using the TEDx naming guidelines. Read more about the rules for naming your event.


Your audience should be open and inclusive, bringing together a wide range of people and organizations to learn more about solutions to the global threat of climate change.


Unlike TEDx events, there is no participant limit to your Countdown event. Consider what will make a useful and productive conversation for the participants, and a good experience overall.


The focus of the event is climate change; each talk should reflect that. This is not a regular TEDx event. The Countdown initiative has focused on five subject areas: power, built environment, transport, food and nature. If you decide to host live speakers, these are the solution areas to explore. You can find more information about the Countdown initiative at You can find guidance on finding, inviting and preparing speakers in the TEDx organizer guide.


The event can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to one day in length. They can be held anytime from Saturday, October 10 until Sunday, October 18.


You may charge up to $100 USD per ticket to participants, only to cover expenses. TEDx events are nonprofit.

Host kit

We will provide a host kit with ideas for discussion topics closer to the program. In the lead up, we will be promoting examples of inspiring event plans by organizers from around the world.