Library event

Library events are exactly what they sound like: TEDx events that are hosted at a library. They are usually recurring events, and offer a unique space to share the TED and TEDx spirit with your local community.

About this event type

A library event license follows the same format as the standard event license, except that this event is held at a local community library. These events are often recurring – this means they’re hosted weekly, monthly, or otherwise. You can also choose to feature local speakers and performers at your event.

Library events are licensed to and organized by staff at the library, creating an original way to share TED Talks and local speakers with your community.

All TEDx rules apply to a library event license. The following also applies to library events:

Naming Your event

Your event should be named after the library at which the event will be held.


Your audience is simply the people who live in the community where you’re holding your event. But we do recommend organizers carefully curate their audience, and select a diverse group of people who can contribute meaningfully to the conversation.


Like standard TEDx events, library events can have up to 100 guests. Only individuals who have attended an official TED conference can organize an event with more than 100 attendees.


Your focus or theme should be multidisciplinary and broad, and address a variety of topics. If you decide to have speakers in addition to TED Talks, you’ll want to feature a diversity of speakers from across several disciplines, but who are primarily from the local community you’re serving. To get an idea of what you want the focus of your event to be, learn more about themes.


Library TEDx events can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to one day in length.


You may charge up to $100 USD per ticket to attendees.

Example events

TEDxJuneauLibrary is a monthly library event that takes place in the Downtown Public Library in Juneau, Alaska. Events are informal talk viewing parties open to the general public, and designed to introduce the community to the ideas that come out of TED and TEDx.