TEDxLive is a license for TEDx events centered around the live webcast of an official TED Conference. Here, the world becomes TED’s audience.

If you are interested in organizing a TEDxLive 2016 event, please read through the guidelines below before applying for a license.

About this event type

The idea for TEDxLive grew out of a question we were asking ourselves here at TED: What would happen if we made the TED Conference more open, more global, and its impact more immediate? What if we could ignite communities around the world to engage with – and build on – the TED Conference experience while it happened live?

A TEDxLive license is given to organizers who host events in their community to watch the official TED Conference through a live webcast. TEDxLive events are a great choice for first-time organizers, because all the programming is provided by TED, but you also have the option to feature live speakers and performers.

All TEDx rules apply to a TEDxLive license, but with some exceptions. For example, if you are only hosting a livestream (with no local speakers or performers), you cannot charge. Read the rest of specific TEDxLive rules on the TEDxLive event resources page.

The following also applies to TEDxLive events:

Naming your event

If this is your first license, your TEDxLive event name will follow this convention: a name beginning with "TEDx," followed by the name of your city, school, neighborhood or organization, followed by the word "Live." Organizers who already have a standard license should use their existing event's name as the basis for your TEDxLive event's name, but you do not have to add, “Live” at the end of their event name. (e.g., the owner of TEDxKibera could register the name either as “TEDxKibera” or “TEDxKiberaLive.”)


TEDxLive events are held during the TED Conference. This year, TEDxLive may be held on February 16, 17, or 18. For the first time in 2016, you can select from any one of those three full days of the TED Conference to view: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This means the freedom to choose a day that fits your schedule, your community preference or availability of venue.

TEDxLive events are still one calendar date long, but this new format means you can collaborate with other TEDx organizers in your community to create a full TEDx experience over the span of three days. Three or more TEDx organizers can team up to each host a separate one-day event on one of the conference dates, and offer your community members the opportunity to join for the full TED2016 experience.


Your audience is simply the people from the area or community where you’re holding your TEDxLive event. Some may be previous attendees from another TEDx event you organized. Either way, we always recommend that organizers carefully curate their audience, and select a diverse group of people who can contribute meaningfully to the conversation.


If you are only hosting a viewing party of the TED Conference, you can invite more than 100 attendees. If you’re having live, local speakers at your event, you’ll have to keep your attendance under 100 people.


The focus of your TEDxLive event is chosen by the TED Conference, since that will be the content you’re screening! If you invite live speakers, you’ll want to feature a diversity of people from across several disciplines, but primarily from the local community you’re serving.


If you have live speakers at your TEDxLive event, you may charge a small fee, but only to cover food + drinks, or as insurance against no shows. If you are just showing the TED conference program, the event must be free.

Apply for a license


Find more resources on our dedicated page for TEDxLive events.

Example events

At TEDxTallinnLive, over 250 people gathered together to watch TED2013 projected on a giant screen at Von Krahli – a popular stop to enjoy arts and music in Tallinn, Estonia.

TEDxSuzhou in China streamed TED2013 from a local bookshop in the city’s downtown area, chosen for its relaxed atmosphere and tasty food and drinks.