Regional workshops

TEDx MENA Regional Workshop

What is a TEDx regional workshop?

Consider hosting a TEDx Regional Workshop! Regional Workshops are local gatherings that are created by and for organizers with active licenses. They’re a fun and easy way to bring together your regional TEDx community to learn collaboratively, make connections and get energized. You can hold a workshop in person or online.

Workshops are all about expanding your collective knowledge and preparing your teams to make an even greater impact at your next TEDx event! They can discuss a variety of topics – check out our suggestions below.

Your workshop should foster a collaborative spirit among participants. There is no sense of hierarchy at a regional workshop, as every team has something to contribute!

Who can attend? Workshops are exclusively for current TEDx volunteers – all members of active TEDx teams can attend. They’re not for partners, speakers or prospective TEDxers.

Can workshops have a sponsor? Yes. You may include the sponsor's name in the workshop program guide. If your partner requests something more involved, you must confirm with TED by emailing

Organizing a regional workshop is one of the requirements for moving to a Summit tier license. You can learn more about license tiers here.

Let's dive into it.

Before your workshop

  • Complete the form linked above.
  • We’ll reach out to the organizers in your region on your behalf.
  • Get in touch with organizers who respond! Your team should be available to answer any questions that attendees might have leading up to the workshop.
  • If possible, a TED staff member may attend your regional workshop!
  • Please note: do not purchase a website, create a social media account or other web properties for your regional workshop.

Planning your regional workshop

Timing: Regional workshops can take place over a few hours or a full day. Here's a sample schedule.

Content: Focus your energies on content. You don’t need to spend too much time planning elaborate activities or accommodations.

Structure: You can decide on a structure that works best for your community. For example, you can run your session for the whole group or plan breakouts for certain portions.

Here are some ideas for your workshop format:

For the opening:

  • Start with introductions and/or an icebreaker activity
  • Facilitate networking among attendees
  • Watch a TED or TEDx talk
  • Share interests, concerns, favorite TED Talks
  • Define the workshop's objectives
  • Share the workshop agenda
  • Participate in an open "un­conference" session
  • Design a fun group exercise to enhance collaboration

For discussions or presentations:

  • Begin an informal discussion about what has/hasn't worked at TEDx events
  • Lead a brainstorming session
  • Put together a question-and-answer session
  • Explore shared goals like how to cross­-promote fellow attendees' upcoming events or share leads on great speakers
  • Include a presentation by a TED staff member, if applicable

Possible topics for discussions/presentations

- Selecting speakers
- Coaching speakers
- Curating the audience

- Overview of TEDx objectives
- Region­-specific issues and possibilities
- Common mistakes to avoid

- Identifying and working with partners
- Maintaining partnerships

Team building:
- Building and sustaining a team

- The basics of filming a TEDx talk
- Livestreaming your event for virtual attendees
- Organizing an event around a TED conference (for example, TEDxLive)

- Promoting your event
- Integrating TEDx into the broader community
- Growing your social media presence

Audience Experience:
- Designing outside-the-box activations
- Engaging attendees virtually
- Engaging your audience before and after your event

You can also choose another TEDx-related topic of your choice! Draw additional ideas from previous workshops on the TEDx Hub – you’ll find presentations about ticketing, leadership succession and more from previous hosts!

For the closing:

  • Host a casual discussion over food and drinks
  • Tour cultural locations

After the workshop

Please be sure to:

  • Upload any resources to the Regional Workshops folder.
  • If the workshop is virtual, share the recording on the TEDxHub! Title the video [TEDx Regional Workshop name] recording and upload it to the files section. You may upload the video to YouTube as unlisted and share the link.
  • Upload photos from your gathering to Flickr or share 3-5 favorites on the TEDx Hub.
  • On Flickr, tag your photos “TEDx”, “TEDx workshop”, and “TEDx regional workshop.”
  • Email to tell us how it went!
TEDxRussia Regional Workshop

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Regional Workshop form

If you’re not able to access the Google Form, please email your responses to these questions.

Check out some great photos from past regional workshops here.