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The TED Prize is awarded to an individual with a creative, bold vision to spark global change. By leveraging the TED community’s resources and investing $1 million into a powerful idea, each year the TED Prize supports one wish to inspire the world.

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About the TED Prize

The TED Prize gives a visionary leader the chance to dream bigger, awarding $1 million dollars to an imaginative and high-impact wish for the world.


Nominate an extraordinary individual—or yourself—to envision and execute a high-impact project that can spur global change.

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A must-read from @MissionBlue: "Cashes Ledge: the Gem of New England" http://t.co/7G659wYnKE #hopspots #ocean
TED Prize 2 Sep
WATCH: The @InsideOutProj movie tracks the evolution of the biggest participatory art project in the world. http://t.co/m12NfCA2G3 @JRart
TED Prize 2 Sep
RT @WiredUK: Dave Isay's Storycorps is archiving the world's narratives: http://t.co/0miSA2Ig4n http://t.co/xC9WIqk7jp
TED Prize 2 Sep
RT @Global_Witness: In 200 big corruption cases 140 banks handled $56bn in stolen money.Read more in new GW report http://t.co/6AuTlPEvIn h…
TED Prize 2 Sep
Almost all of @Global_Witness' investigations into #corruption feature #AnonymousCompanies. See the interactive map: http://t.co/hToqUAonOg
TED Prize 1 Sep