Cameron Sinclair opens up architecture

The wish

Open Architecture Network

The winner

Cameron Sinclair

The year


I wish to create a community that actively embraces open-source design to generate innovative and sustainable living standards for all.

The plan

Create an online network dedicated to enhancing living conditions through sustainable design. The open-source platform will allow designers to share architectural plans and blueprints on the web, and allow for easy collaboration between designers facing similar creative challenges.

Current status

Worldchangjng (formally Open Architecture Network) empowers nonprofits, foundations and social entrepreneurs with the tools they need to develop, project manage and share their impact. Since its inception, it has built a community of over 38k building professionals who utilize tools to design and build structures for more than 1.6M people in over 70 countries. In 2012, the site was used for community led development for thousands of homes in Haiti and Japan after recent natural disasters.

Get involved

  1. Become a community builder or sponsor an architect to work in a post-conflict or post-disaster region
  2. Support our Green Schools Initiative
  3. Help our partner, the OSK Music School in Kinshasa, Congo

Cameron's bio

2006 TED Prize winner Cameron Sinclair is co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a nonprofit that seeks architecture solutions to global crises -- and acts as a conduit between the design community and the world's humanitarian needs.
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