Bill Clinton wishes for a rural health system in Rwanda

The wish

Clinton Health Access Initiative: Rwanda

The winner

Bill Clinton

The year


I wish you to help create a better future for Rwanda by assisting my foundation, in partnership with the Rwandan Government, to build a sustainable, high quality rural health system for the whole country.

The plan

Develop programs to construct health care facilities and encourage economic growth throughout rural Rwanda. Lower the cost of medical treatment in East Africa and increase the number of people receiving antiretroviral drugs.

Current status

Following the advances of the national framework, the government of Rwanda asked the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative to support them in developing individual scale-up plans in all 30 of the country’s districts. In conjunction with this nation-wide process, the region of Burera—the last area to have a hospital—now has many new facilities and 400 trained community health workers.

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Bill's bio

Through his William J. Clinton Foundation, former US President Bill Clinton has become a vital and innovative force for world change. He works in four critical areas: health, economic empowerment, citizen service, and reconciliation.
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