Neil Turok bets the next Einstein will be from Africa

The wish

AIMS: Next Einstein Initiative

The winner

Neil Turok

The year


My wish is that you help us unlock and nurture scientific talent across Africa, so that within our lifetimes we are celebrating an African Einstein.

The plan

Support the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) to recruit diverse students from across Africa. Establish a network between centers of excellence to teach special math and science curriculum, and expand AIMS across the continent.

Current status

AIMS’s alumni network has grown to 450, with over 30% women. Graduates hold positions in education, research and industry. AIMS has established a Secretariat in Cape Town, and opened two centers for postgraduate training and research in Senegal and Ghana. Humboldt Foundation supported the creation of a Chair in Senegal. AIMS-South Africa won two Research Chairs. One is connected to the Square Kilometre Array, which will be the largest radio telescope worldwide.

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Neil's bio

Neil Turok is working on a model of the universe that explains the big bang -- while, closer to home, he's founded a network of math and science academies across Africa.
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