Larry Brilliant helps detect pandemics

The wish


The winner

Larry Brilliant

The year


I wish that you would help build a global system to detect each new disease or disaster as quickly as it emerges or occurs.

The plan

As his “One Wish to Change the World” in 2006, Dr. Larry Brilliant, a preventive medicine and public health physician, shared his vision to develop an early detection and early response system that would serve to warn the world of developing threats, thereby saving more lives through earlier, more collaborative and more effective alerting and response mechanisms.

Current status

InSTEDD operates around the world helping develop innovative alert systems. Other ripple effects: creation of Google Flu Trends; production of CONTAGION; implementation of Flu Near You, the largest participatory surveillance network; support of HealthMap and other Predict and Prevent Programs (e.g. Ian Lipkin and Nathan Wolfe), and the launch of CORDS (Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance), a global disease surveillance network in "hot spots" likely to produce a pandemic.

Get involved

  1. Learn more about Flu Near You and join the world's largest participatory surveillance network
  2. Donate to InSTEDD
  3. Donate to HealthMap

Larry's bio

2006 TED Prize winner Dr. Larry Brilliant has spent his career solving the ills of today -- from overseeing the last smallpox cases to saving millions from blindness -- and building technologies of the future. Now, as President and CEO of the Skoll Global Threats Fund, he's redefining how we solve the world's biggest problems.
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