Level 2 sponsorship

As experienced TEDx communities, Level 2 events can raise unlimited sponsor funds for their TEDx events.

After your event

All organizers must provide post-event reporting on their finances, sponsors, attendance and all other elements of the event. Both in-kind contributions and cash contributions must be declared.

Organizers may provide this reporting via the Level 2 Sponsorship Post-Event Report, which includes the following items:

  • Total event budget in US dollars
  • Level of cash partners in US dollars
  • Level of contribution in US dollars
  • List of in-kind partners / sponsors
  • What partners / sponsors contributed in-kind

This report is due back to TED within 90 days after the event. Failure to report complete information within this timeline will make your event ineligible for renewal under Level 2 conditions.

Rules to Remember

All standard sponsorship rules apply to Level 2 licenses, with the following exceptions and additions:

  • Sponsor limit: There is no limit placed on sponsor budget for Level 2 licensees.
  • Approaching TED sponsors: The TED team does not provide introductions to sponsors and partners on behalf of TEDx organizers. We also do not allow TEDx organizers to approach -- or engage in discussions with -- existing TED partners during official TED events: TED, TEDActive, TEDGlobal or other official conferences we hold from time to time. Failure to adhere to this rule will be grounds for reversal to Level 1.
  • TED-initiated opportunities with partners: TED will continue to work with all its corporate partners to find ways they can support TEDx groups based on aligned corporate objectives. From time to time, the TED partnership team will reach out to organizers with a request for proposal. TEDx organizers will be given the option to accept or refuse any proposals the TED Partnership team presents.
  • Approaching sponsors as a group: We are open to the idea of consortium groups that approach sponsors with the opportunity to support multiple TEDx events. However, we are still working on the best approach. If you do find a sponsor interested in supporting multiple TEDx events it is important to reach out to tedx@ted.com at the outset of the conversation.