Summit distribution

A Summit license tier allows broadcast of TEDx Talks on local or regional television, but not on all outlets. Read more about how to broadcast your talks on the appropriate channels:

Excluded distribution channels

At this time, TEDx Summit licensees are not permitted to distribute TEDx Talks on the following types of specialty distribution channels:

  • Pay television platforms including cable, satellite, or telecom operators such as Comcast, Sky, Canal+, Korea Telecom, Globosat, etc.
  • Global television operations with international scope such as CNN, MSNBC, BloombergTV, Al-Jazeera, BBC, Sundance Channel, Canal+ etc.
  • Specialized/vertical channels such as cable networks including History Channel, Discovery Channel, HBO Latin America, etc.
  • Digital platforms such as Hulu, Yahoo!, Netflix, AOL, Dailymotion, iTunes, Amazon,, Everyblock, etc. (YouTube and Tudou are the only exceptions.)
  • Mobile, home entertainment and audio platforms such as iPad, Nokia, Android, XBox, PS3, Roku, Boxee, Sirius XM Radio, Audible, etc.

Please note that TEDx events cannot be broadcast live on broadcast television or digital TV.

Rules to Remember

  • Distribution: Up to four TEDx Talks can be distributed from any one event to any one station. Talks cannot credit any sponsors or other entities. TEDx Talks chosen for station distribution can only be distributed on the station and on the station's primary website - and on the website, only as an embed from the TEDx YouTube channel. TEDx events cannot be broadcast live on broadcast digital television. Once you have chosen the four talks you'd like to distribute, please email the links to for consideration. You can expect to receive approval back within 7 business days
  • Format: TEDx Talks broadcast on television must be broadcast in their entirety as they have been edited and published on the TEDx YouTube channel, and without advertising interruption.