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From #TEDWomen, the #TEDFellow squad takes the stage: Kaz, Smita Sharma, Francisca Mutapi, Sonali Prasad, Fariel Sa… https://t.co/VJrUvudUMM
TED Fellows 3 Dec
RT @kapoors_s: Watching .@HelenWalters open @TEDWomen in Palm Springs. So excited to hear .@smitashrm next!! @TEDFellow @TEDTalks #tedwo…
TED Fellows 2 Dec
🤳🏽 Control it before it controls you. Tech entrepreneur , inventor, #TEDFellow @AyahBdeir will show teenagers how s… https://t.co/Lnpqx3P72S
TED Fellows 29 Nov
RT @TEDpartners: Meet TEDWomen 2021 speaker and @TEDFellow Karen "Kaz" Lucas (@Karenkazlucas) who has been focusing on her lifelong passion…
TED Fellows 28 Nov

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