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“Even at the end of life, we may never reach the fantasy we have envisioned for ourselves.” https://t.co/7DGepn9P7K
TED Fellows 16 Feb
A mythical, parallel universe inspired by black American life: https://t.co/auBuxuvXgR
TED Fellows 16 Feb
“CRISPR is a huge opportunity to solve the problem of health disparities between rich nations and poor.” https://t.co/0WjJQSPd90
TED Fellows 15 Feb
Watch this riveting performance of TED Fellow Usman Raiz and master of percussive guitar, Preston Reed.… https://t.co/1hruEdX4Wm
TED Fellows 15 Feb
The surprising ways our religions are more similar than different, in stunning photographs: https://t.co/3Kzl3ZJk9e
TED Fellows 14 Feb

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