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What if we could create edible bacteria that was "programmed" to find liver tumors? https://t.co/UPqfKjsgMb
TED Fellows 8 Dec
A reminder for us to consider the beautiful complexity within us all: https://t.co/GfceNY3KBo
TED Fellows 7 Dec
A bonobo ape society learns from constantly playing. If it works for our close cousins, why not for us? https://t.co/G0zHzv1PQR
TED Fellows 7 Dec
A call for the "Cheetah generation" to take back Africa: https://t.co/QstoydEcO3
TED Fellows 6 Dec
A fun, cheap solution that turns boring physical therapy exercises into a video game: https://t.co/WxRxw6oSnG
TED Fellows 6 Dec

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Where the symphony meets the street

All photos courtesy of Street Symphony.Violin prodigy Vijay Gupta has dedicated his life to making music a platform for transformative social justice. Now he’s a newly minted Ma...
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