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RT @jongos: CODE SWITCH covers the early days of the Internet working with @Meta, @Google, and @Twitter experimenting with geospatial analy…
TED Fellows 28 Mar
RT @mikkotakkunen: If you are in the US, please check out today's paper. Kiana Hayeri's portrait series of Afghan women with @cegoldbaum 's…
TED Fellows 27 Mar
RT @jkw_josh: 🌏💡 At the Singapore Defence Technology Summit, @sgourley discussed the profound impact of #ArtificialIntelligence on modern w…
TED Fellows 25 Mar
RT @TechnicallyBMR: Exciting news: @B360balt secures $3M in federal funding (supported by @ChrisVanHollen and @SenCardin) for a new dirt bi…
TED Fellows 25 Mar

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