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This test detects cancer 100 days earlier than traditional methods. For some patients, that extra time could be lif… https://t.co/WZXPrZtz5Z
TED Fellows 17 Dec
"What can we do in really complex and faraway situations? We can move beyond cold headlines and enter into human li… https://t.co/Lq8L5PIT6p
TED Fellows 16 Dec
Did asteroids deliver the building blocks of life to Earth? We’re one step closer to knowing. @SherefMansy https://t.co/Yna0IXIyeU
TED Fellows 16 Dec
"A simple word, or the absence of it, can contain a world of meaning." https://t.co/bSDrVyxoNb
TED Fellows 16 Dec
RT @TEDTalks: One of humanity’s great remaining mysteries is where we came from. But it may not be a mystery forever. https://t.co/9V89ojGn
TED Fellows 16 Dec

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Revolution: What is it good for?

Clowns vs. archangels. “The red horseman/clown represents all revolutionists and politicians at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Red Guard, and its absurdity. The white...
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