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“Our bodies are filters and storehouses for environmental toxins. So what happens to all these toxins when we die?”… https://t.co/3ZhHdEeJzO
TED Fellows 22 Sep
“If materials can't be recycled or naturally composted at home, we should reject them.” — #TEDFellow Suzanne Lee o… https://t.co/6YnHuDPRNZ
TED Fellows 22 Sep
#COVID19: what we know now — and what we still don’t know. Infectious disease expert and #TEDFellow @AdamJKucharski… https://t.co/LM4PB9B3XB
TED Fellows 21 Sep
@Folkways @kronosquartet @meklitmusic @WNYC 🗣️@meklitmusic 📷@camilleseaman
TED Fellows 21 Sep

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