Meet the TED Fellows

The 490+ TED Fellows are making headlines in over 96 countries for their incredible work in all fields. This year's TED Fellows class represents 12 countries across four continents; they're leaders in their fields -- ranging from astrodynamics to policing to conservation and beyond -- and they're looking for new ways to collaborate and address today’s most complex challenges.

Meet the TED2020 Fellows

Alexis Gambis

USA + France
Filmmaker + biologist

Filmmaker and biologist creating films that merge scientific data with narrative in an effort to make stories of science more human and accessible.

Ali Al-Ibrahim (Syria | Sweden)

Investigative journalist

Journalist reporting on the front lines of the Syrian conflict and creating films about the daily struggles of Syrians.

Amma Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin (USA)

Scholar + artist

Scholar and artist working across academia and the entertainment industry to transform archival material about black identity into theatrical performances.

Arnav Kapur (USA | India)


Inventor creating wearable AI devices that augment human cognition and give voice to those who have lost their ability to speak.

Ashwin Naidu (USA | India)

Fishing cat conservationist

Conservationist and co-founder of Fishing Cat Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting fishing cats and their endangered mangrove habitat.

Brandon Anderson (USA)

Data entrepreneur

Human rights activist and founder of Raheem AI, a tech nonprofit working to end police violence through data collection, storytelling and community organizing.

Brandon Clifford (USA)

Ancient technology architect

Architectural designer and co-founder of Matter Design, an interdisciplinary design studio that uses the technology of ancient civilizations to solve contemporary problems.

Bruce Friedrich (USA)

Food innovator

Founder of the Good Food Institute, an organization supporting the creation of plant and cell-based meat for a more healthy and sustainable food system.

Christopher Bahl (USA)

Protein designer

Molecular engineer using computational design to develop new protein drugs that combat infectious disease.

Erika Hamden (USA)


Astrophysicist developing telescopes and new ultraviolet detection technologies to improve our ability to observe distant galaxies.

Federica Bianco (USA | Italy)

Urban astrophysicist

Astrophysicist using an interdisciplinary approach to study stellar explosions and help build resilient cities by applying astronomical data processing techniques to urban science.

Gangadhar Patil (India)

Journalism entrepreneur

Journalist and founder of 101Reporters, an innovative platform connecting grassroots journalists with international publishers to spotlight rural reporting.

Hiromi Ozaki (Japan | UK)


Artist creating music, film and multimedia installations that explore the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies.

Ivonne Roman (USA)

Police captain

Police captain and co-founder of the Women’s Leadership Academy, an organization working to increase the recruitment and retention of women in policing.

Jess Kutch (USA)

Labor entrepreneur

Co-founder of, a labor organization for the 21st century helping workers solve problems and advance change through an open online platform.

Leila Pirhaji (Iran | USA)

Biotech entrepreneur

Computational biologist and founder of ReviveMed, a biotech company pioneering the use of artificial intelligence for drug discovery and treatment of metabolic diseases.

Moreangels Mbizah (Zimbabwe)

Lion conservationist

Conservation biologist developing innovative community-based conservation methods to protect lions and their habitat.

Moriba Jah (USA)

Space environmentalist

Astrodynamicist tracking and monitoring satellites and space garbage to make outer space safe, secure and sustainable for future generations.

Muthoni Drummer Queen (Kenya)


Musician and cultural entrepreneur fusing traditional drum patterns and modern styles such as hip-hop and reggae to create the sound of “African cool.”

Nanfu Wang (China | USA)

Documentary filmmaker

Documentary filmmaker uncovering stories of human rights and untold histories in China through a characteristic immersive approach.

Meet the TED2020 Senior Fellows

Adital Ela

Sustainable materials designer

Anita Doron


Eman Mohammed


Erine Gray

Social services entrepreneur

Kiana Hayeri

Documentary photographer

Lauren Sallan


Pratik Shah

Health technologist

Premesh Chandran

Journalism entrepreneur

Samuel Bazawule

Musician + filmmaker

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