TED Fellows supporters

The TED Fellows program is made possible by our supporters – extraordinary individuals and families who are passionate about the world-changing work the TED Fellows do every day. Our supporters are extremely involved in the tightly knit Fellows community, and we consider them part of our family. They play an active role at the TED conference and Fellows Retreats, mentor Fellows in their projects and careers, and help the program grow in scope and ambition.

Interested in joining these outstanding supporters? You can help by contributing funds or products. Simply email us at fellows@ted.com or learn more about how to support the TED Fellows.

Bezos Family Foundation

Lynda Weinman & Bruce Heavin


Wesley Chan & Pegah Ebrahimi

André Heinz

David Sze & Kathleen Donohue

Gerry Ohrstrom

Robert Pasin

Michael Borosky & Rob Price, Eleven Inc.

Mark Dwight, Rickshaw Bagworks

Carl Haney & Jamie Ginott, Estée Lauder

Jinha Lee, Spatial

The Fellows program is extremely grateful for the visionary support of the Bezos Family and the Dhanam Foundation. We would also like to thank Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin, Gerry Ohrstrom and Jody and Tom Darden – as well as other supporters for their sustained involvement in the Fellows program.

We would like acknowledge two unique opportunities the TED Fellowship offers as a result of our extended family: TED Fellows Coaching + Mentorship program, which provides ongoing and life-changing coaching to TED Fellows at no charge; and Colleen Keegan, strategic advisor to Creative Capital, whose Strategic Planning and Mentoring program helps our artists apply adapted business strategies to create new markets and sustainable economic and creative lives. These programs give essential support to the TED Fellows and truly bolster their shared mission to make the world a better place.

The Fellows program would like to especially thank the professional coaches who donate their time to working with TED Fellows: Danielle Adams, Emily Aiken, Nadia Allaudin, June Archer, June Archer, Claudia Aronowitz, Peter Bailey, John Bates, Amir Bonefetami, Vikki Brock, Catherine Carr, Margaret Cary, Michael Cauley, Laura Colcord, Marcia Conner, Marianne Craig, Toni Crow, Karen Curnow, Drew Curtis, Tonya Echols, Dan Feldstein, Charles Feltman, Ben Gallagher, Dian Ginsberg, Soulaima Gourami, Alan Graham, Danielle Gustafson, Christy Haynes, Steve Heller, Geert Hofman, Colleen Jack, Nick Jekogian, Donna Karlin, Heather Kaye, Leda Kerabela, Ken Kesslin, Paul Klein, Moty Koppes, Kate Lye, Craig Miller, Gregory Miller, Sukh Mishra, DJ Mitsch, Linda Morris, Cynder Niemela, Petra Platzer, Jess Ponce, Libby Robinson, Stephanie Rosol, Alexandra Ross, Steve Salee, Mark Setch, Julie Sgarzi, Matthew Shelley, Laura Sicola, Nancy Smyth, Marianne Vermeer, Amy Waterman and Karen Wright.