TEDx Attendee Survey

The TEDx Attendee Survey helps you gather candid feedback about your event from your audience. Your community’s comments can motivate and inspire your team, help show partners the power of your event, and lead to creative ways to improve the attendee experience.

The survey asks your guests one question: “How likely are you to recommend this TEDx event to a friend or colleague?” You have the option to send the survey in one of more than 35 languages. Attendees select a number between 0 and 10 and are given additional space to explain why they chose the score they did - they might comment on the curation, the food, or how the event was managed. All of the scores from your guests are then compiled into one result, calculated using the Net Promoter Score system.

NPS demo page

To gather feedback while the event is still fresh in your attendee's mind, you should send the survey out within 48 hours after your event takes place.

While a single number seems like an easy way to evaluate your event, at TED we do not take these feedback scores at face value and nor should you. All events, no matter their score, have aspects that should be celebrated as well as potential for improvement. The written comments left by your guests can provide you with valuable insight, giving context to their experience and guidance for your next event.

Please note that the Official TEDx Attendee Survey is a requirement of your license. If you have any questions or difficulty with the survey, please write to tedxpostevent@ted.com so we can help.

For a guided explanation, please watch this video.

Here are some guidelines to make this process go smoothly and to ensure that you get a high participation rate from your attendees.

  1. Be sure to let your attendees know they will be sent the official survey - you could mention it in the closing remarks of the event, in a post-event thank you email to attendees, or on your social media.
  2. Once your event has finished, submit the list of attendee email addresses via the TEDx Attendee Survey web page. When filling it out, remember:

    a) Use only your full TEDx event name, exactly as it appears in your approval email and official event page (i.e TEDxBoston or TEDxExeterSalon). Do not include any theme or year qualifier.

    b) Do not include the email addresses of speakers, volunteers, team members, vendors, or people who registered but did not attend. This survey is for your actual event audience.

    c) Submit the list of email addresses as a .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX file with only one column of email addresses. These should be the individual email addresses of each attendee - no listservs please!
  3. The TEDx attendee survey will only be sent to guests on the list you submit. Once you upload this list, it is final and cannot be modified.
  4. You’ll receive a PDF of your attendee’s feedback in 3-4 weeks. (Please note that we are unable to accept individual requests for early feedback results.)

Please note: collected email addresses will not be shared or used by TED/TEDx for any purpose other than sending the attendee survey for the specified event.

Tips to remember:

  • Plan ahead: Collect attendee email addresses before the event. Please be aware that your venue and/or local government may have specific data privacy policies. This can affect how you obtain information for the TEDx Attendee Survey so you should build appropriate processes (e.g. "opt-in" when attendees sign up to the event) to gather and share this information in accordance with local data privacy laws.
  • You should only submit the attendee’s email addresses to the feedback survey - do not include names or any other information. The file you submit must look like this:

email list

  • Want to get more detailed feedback? There is an option to add your own supplemental question at the end of the TEDx Attendee Survey. This can be a great way to get targeted feedback on your event. Sorry - we won't accept other survey responses in place of the official survey.

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