TED Prize

The TED Prize is awarded annually to a leader with a fresh, bold vision for sparking global change. The TED Prize winner receives $1,000,000 — and the TED community’s wide range of resources and expertise — to make their dream become a reality.

The Prize begins with a big wish—one that will inspire thinkers and doers across the globe to get involved. From Bono’s ONE Campaign (2005 winner) to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (2010 winner) to Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud (2013 winner), the TED Prize has helped to combat poverty, open dialog on religious intolerance, improve global health, tackle child obesity, advance education, and inspire art around the world.

The award

TED Prize winners receive $1 million — to inspire them to think big. The award offers support to build a project's core infrastructure so that people across the globe can add their own collaborative action to the mission.

The wish

Imagine an inspiring, high-impact idea that needs the support of a global community. Our winner will have an ambitious wish — and the vision, pragmatism and leadership to make it come true.

Tips on how to make a great wish

The process

Nomination for the TED Prize happens two ways: Nominate yourself and make a wish. Or nominate someone else, and we'll contact them to ask them for their wish. The TED Prize committee reviews all nominations and narrows the applicant pool down to a longlist whose wishes are carefully researched and reviewed. The most promising wishes are then presented to a jury drawn from leading members of the TED community, who select the year's winning wish. The TED Prize winner speaks at the annual TED Conference, revealing their wish and their plan for accomplishing it.

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The history

The TED Prize was born out of the TED Conference and the visions offered onstage for how change can happen in the world, one idea at a time. The TED Prize was first awarded in 2005, to Robert Fischell (who wished for new cures to brain disorders), Edward Burtynsky (who wished for a global conversation about sustainability), and Bono (who wished for a social movement of activism for Africa). Since then, the TED Prize has been awarded to a diverse list of innovative leaders, ranging from Dave Eggers to E.O. Wilson to Sylvia Earle. At its inception, the TED Prize award was $100,000, along with full access to the TED community’s range of talent and expertise; in 2013, it was expanded to a $1,000,000 award, an amount that would help the winner quickly build capacity for carrying out an ambitious wish.

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