Event experience

While the actual show will “wow” your attendees, don’t forget all of the small things that can make a TEDx experience great. The “TEDx experience” means that every detail of their day feels special. It’s your job to make that happen.

Create a TEDx experience

There are tons of small details to keep in mind when it comes to creating a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Here are the essentials to remember:

Foot traffic

As you are planning out the event, think carefully about the overall flow of the event, and set up spaces and tables in a way that doesn't allow for crowding. Check out Venue + Spaces for more info on this.


Make registration easy and friendly — print out an excel spreadsheet with names so you can check them off as they arrive. If you can do this digitally with an iPad, even better!


Badges are a big part of the TED and TEDx experience. Their names should be big so people can meet each other easily. Job titles work, but we also love including a line "Talk to me about..." with some topics of interest, to get a conversation and interaction going. Learn more about designing your badges in Branding + Promotions.

Gift bags

Gift bags are a big part of the TED experience — they're actually kind of famous. At a TEDx event, you aren't required to give a gift bag but it can be a fun addition. Attendees feel great if they've received something made just for them. Find out a bit more about gift bags in Branding + Promotions.

Food and drinks

A lack of food is often the biggest critique a TEDx event will get, so make sure attendees are properly hydrated, caffeinated and fed during breaks!


Events aren't just about the speakers, they are people you meet. Give attendees ample time in between sessions and space in your event venue to interact with each other, engage in event activities, and more.


Speaking of networking, after-parties are a fun, casual way to bring attendees together and allow them to let loose after a long day of their minds being stimulated.