Visual design

From the stage design to the program and attendee badges, your designer can create a unique look for your event. In addition to your TEDx logo, your visual identity can be based on your theme or on something distinct about your community. Your distinct identity can be incorporated into your venue and event materials.

Design your venue

For your venue, these are the two major spaces to think about designing:

Stage and theater design

Your stage design should be both creative and practical. Check out this page under our Venue + Spaces section for more details on how to create a beautiful stage design.

Social areas

It’s important to design the the space outside of your main stage area, so that your guests can also have a great experience when they’re not in their seats. Learn more about designing social areas in the Venue + Spaces section.

Design your event materials

When it comes to designing your materials, consistency is key. All your materials must have the proper TEDx logo (that includes your unique location name and follows the provided format) alongside the other design elements you decide to incorporate.

Here are the main materials you’ll want to design, print, and prepare well in advance:

Attendee badges

It's a hallmark of a TEDx event: Attendees wear large, easy-to-read badges that make it easy to start conversations. Create personalized badges incorporating your logo and design, as well as each attendee’s name -- and perhaps a photo, affiliation, Twitter handle ... If you want to be even more creative, request a list of interests from each attendee that you can print on the badge to spark conversation at the event.


Unless you’re holding a very small event, you’ll likely need signs to help people navigate your venue – directing them to the main stage, restrooms and spaces for socializing. Make sure to have these, and any necessary sign mounts, prepared in advance.

Event programs

Your event program is the key information your audience will have to navigate the event. The program should outline the schedule of the day, including session titles and speakers; well-written speaker bios; acknowledgment of your sponsors and your TEDx team; your website and social media info; and thank-yous to supporters.

Gift bags

Not mandatory but fun: Find a vendor (or sponsor) who can provide bags printed with your TEDx logo and design. Giving bags to your attendees with small sponsor “gifts” and promotional materials, like event T-shirts, is a great way to enhance your guests’ experience.