Your event page

All TEDx events automatically get their own event page on This online profile shares your event information with the rest of the TED and TEDx community as well as other visitors looking to attend a local event.

You’re required to update your event page after your license is approved. To access yours, sign in to your member account on, and click on your profile image at the top right corner of the page. Then click on "TEDx Events" from the drop down menu. There, you will see all active and inactive licenses and upcoming and past events associated with your member account.

Required fields

As soon as the information becomes available, it's important that you update your event information with each of these items:

  • Your event date
  • Venue location
  • Ticket price
  • Webcast URL (if you plan on providing a webcast)
  • Speakers and bios
  • General information about your event description and theme
  • Your event website
  • Social media profiles

Note: You will not be able to upload your videos with the TED Media Uploader tool until your event’s date, duration, and venue location is listed on your event page.

Regular updates

It's very important that you keep the general public and TED aware of any changes about your event. (Note: If your event page has not been updated with the most current information by the time you apply for a new event, the license may not be approved.)

Date changes

Our system will allow you to change the date of your event after your license has been approved. If you want to change your event's date, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the world map of TEDx events and review other TEDx events happening in your region/local area.
  2. If your date change could affect another TEDx event – i.e. if it is within the same 4-8 week period and close enough in proximity that your audiences might overlap – reach out to the other TEDx organizer and discuss.
  3. Once you have settled on a new date and confirmed it's acceptable to other organizers in your region, change it on your event page.

If your event is unable to take place and needs to be canceled, please reach out to us at Our team will remove your event from the TEDx Event map - we understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan; a cancellation will not have a negative impact on a future event.


If you're planning on providing a webcast of your event, it's important to let the larger TEDx community know. (Other TEDx organizers may want to organize events that feature your event's webcast!) So make sure to fill in the "Webcast URL" field as soon as you know the URL. If you know you'll have a webcast but don't have the URL yet, enter your website's URL – or another page on your website that contains information that you do have about your webcast.

After your event

After your event, remember to add highlights to your event page. (Adding highlights is a requirement if you want to renew your license for the next year.)

  • Upload a new photo from your event
  • Add a YouTube playlist of videos from your event
  • Add a Flickr tag
  • Make sure your speaker list is up to date

Great event page examples

TEDxBeirut stage, Nov. 2012

TEDxBeirut, November 2012

TEDxKyoto stage, Sep. 2013

TEDxKyoto, September 2013

Rules to remember
  • Filling out your event page is mandatory. You'll need to fill out as much information as you can immediately after your license has been approved.
  • The only links you should add to your event page are your TEDx event's website, social media accounts, YouTube videos, and webcast. Do not upload personal links, links to corporate websites, etc.