Post-event engagement

After your TEDx event, your audience is going to feel inspired, energized, and ready to share the ideas that they’ve learned. You’ll want to take advantage of this moment.

Get their feedback

First and foremost, you’re required to share a feedback form with your TEDx attendees immediately after your event. This feedback is important to us — it’s a way for us to know how the event went, and will be used to evaluate and renew your license.

To get feedback, send all of your attendees a link to the official TEDx Attendee Survey.

We’re also happy to provide a copy of your audience's responses to the feedback form upon request.

Keep your community active

In order to continue to build excitement and momentum around future TEDx events and inspirational ideas, it’s important to keep in touch, and continue to engage your audience, speakers and other community participants. There are a few ways to do this:

Share your TEDx Talk videos

This is a biggie. Since your guests are your main target for spreading your ideas, it’s important to share your TEDx Talks with them once they’ve been uploaded to the TEDx YouTube account. That way, they can share your ideas worth spreading with a click of a button!

Send email updates and news

Keep your audience in the loop by sending them updates and news related to your TEDx event and speakers. Did one of your speakers get a book deal? Has one of your TEDx Talks reached 10,000 views on YouTube? Let your community know, so they can continue to spread the word.

Stay active on your social networks

Post TEDx Talks, speaker updates, and other TEDx-related news to your social networks. Even posting once or twice per week will make a difference by maintaining some sense of community and consistency among the people involved in your event.

Host salon events

Hosting salons (weekly or monthly events where talks are screened, and the community discusses them) is a fantastic way to keep the TEDx momentum going among your community. Learn more about salon events.

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