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One of the primary goals of a TEDx event is to spark conversation – during and beyond your live event! Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are vibrant online forums for your guests and others to discuss the topics and ideas you share before, during, and after your event. Plus, social media is one of the most effective ways to share your event with the world.

Create an Instagram account

Instagram continues to be an all-in-one platform to promote your event, connect with your audience, and share the magic of your TEDx events with a global audience.

Use your TEDx event name as your handle (e.g., @TEDx[name]) and post live updates leading up to the event: announce your speakers, venue, and behind-the-scenes preparations to build up the anticipation. During your event, share highlights live through your stories. After your event, share photos of your stage, audience, and experiences.

Once your event’s talks are published on the TEDx YouTube channel, you can create 60-second Reels to highlight digestible takeaways from your talks.

Remember to follow @tedx_official and other TEDx teams for inspiration and support from our community.

Create a Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page is a great way to promote your event. Why? Not only is the social network the largest in the world, but it’s a conversation-focused, community-driven platform. And, as you know, TEDx is all about conversation and community.

Here are some ways to engage the online community on Facebook:

Invite your friends and guests

Invite your friends and TEDx event guests to "like" your Facebook page. When they “like” your page, all of their friends will get notification of your page on their feed.

Announce speakers as you confirm them

Once you book a speaker, let your Facebook fans know! Give them teasers on your speakers’ talk, and make sure to “tag” any speakers who may have their own Facebook page.

Post photos

Facebook users love visuals. Make sure to post pictures of the venue, speakers, and other photos relevant to your event or theme. After your event, post your photos on the page for everyone to see and share.

Highlight other TEDx events

Giving kudos to other TEDx events is a great way to engage others in the TEDx community, and encourage other TEDx events spread the word about your event. There’s a reason why they call it social “networking”! You can find more about what happened at other TEDx events around the world on our TEDx Facebook page.

Engage your fans with questions

Engage your community with questions. Ask fans to share their favorite TED Talks, or what “big idea” they’ve thought of that week. Be creative!

Share blog posts

If you have a blog (which we’ll talk about next), post all of your blog posts on your Facebook page. Spark conversation by asking a question related to the post.

Also don’t forget to promote your Facebook page outside of Facebook – add a Facebook “like” box or another sharing widget to your website, and include your Facebook page URL in all of your email updates.

Other social media sites

There are a wide range of tools to tap into. Here are a few others to check out: TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Releasing your accounts

If you decide not to renew your TEDx license after your TEDx event, or TED does not renew your license, you must transfer administrative control and ownership of the social media accounts and pages related to your event, either to the TEDx team, or to the next TEDx licensee of the series.

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