Your TEDx Logo

We've created a unified system for TEDx logos, to make your event logo easy to create. Your logo will be used on all of your branded materials, so take a minute to make sure you get it right!

Your TEDx logo will be used throughout the course of your TEDx event: on letterhead, on your website(s), on social media, and on all event materials and signs.

The TEDx logo is different from the TED logo as it contains the “x” at the end, the unique location-based name of your event, and the official TEDx tagline you’ll find below.

We provide two different templates you can download and customize for your event. Each includes a text field for you to type in your event name (in Helvetica) so it automatically appears in the correct place. (For events with longer names, there is a template that puts the name of your event on a second line.)


TEDx logo templates (.eps, .pdf, .psd)


  • Typeface: The typeface (Helvetica) is an integral part of our visual identity and should not be changed or substituted. Helvetica comes pre-installed on most computers, but if you do not have access to it, use Arial. If you have a different version of Helvetica (Helvetica Neue, for example) use the Regular weight of your version.
  • Tracking: Letter-spacing in the TEDx logo templates is set to 0. Do not adjust this setting.
  • Kerning: You can kern individual letters in your location name, if needed.
  • Alignment: The name of your event should always align left in relation to the "TEDx" part of the logo, and should be sized to be exactly the same height as the "TEDx" part of the logo. Tracking in the TEDx logo templates is set to 0. Do not adjust this setting.
  • Color: your TEDx event's logo should always include a red "TEDx" and either black or white text for the other words.
Example logo: TEDxAustin

TED Color

  • Offset printing with Pantone inks: When possible, a spot color should be used for your logo -- this is the best way to reproduce TED red (Pantone 485).
  • Offset printing with 4-color process inks: If specifying a spot color is not possible, the 4-color process (CMYK) method of printing may be used to print your TEDx event's logo. 4-color process printing is acceptable, although it is not the preferable way to reproduce the logo. In 4-color process printing the TED red color will only be simulated.
  • Desktop printing: Sometimes it is more appropriate to produce branded publications and other communications using a digital process -- such as printing from a computer directly to a desktop laser or ink-jet printer. Local settings and calibrations should be used to determine the best color specifications for your particular printer.
  • Onscreen/web: When your TEDx event's logo is reproduced onscreen in slide presentations, in video, or online for the web, RGB or web color logos should be used. Onscreen applications use RGB (red/green/blue) values to simulate color. On the web, hex values are used to specify color. Each of these specifications is shown above below.
Pantone colors: Red and Black

Note that even though you may be offset printing a publication using 4-color process, it is often possible (and highly recommended) to specify an additional spot color (Pantone 485) for the logo.

The colors shown here and throughout these guidelines have not been evaluated by Pantone Inc. for accuracy and may not match the Pantone Color Standards.
Due to the manner in which color is represented on-screen, the colors shown here may not accurately represent the true TEDx colors. Therefore, do not use the colors shown here (or a printed version of this page) for color matching. Instead, always refer to the color specifications and visually match the specified colors accurately using Pantone Color Standards.

Rules to Remember
  • Never use the TED logo! Only your event's approved TEDx logo that includes the TEDx tagline and your unique TEDx event name may be used.
  • Don’t use the plain TEDx logo to represent your event. There are tons of TEDx events around the world -- differentiate yourself by using your unique TEDx event name and logo.
  • You are always required to have the tagline on your logo. Your logo won’t be approved without it.
  • You are not allowed to place your TEDx event's logo on other colors or on photographic, patterned or illustrative backgrounds.
  • Your TEDx logo must appear on your website, on all outbound communications with speakers, attendees and sponsors, and on all PR and marketing materials.

One- or two-line tagline

The TEDx logo is unique artwork that has been created to brand and market all TEDx events. TEDx has an official tagline that is used in a lockup relationship with TEDx: "x = independently organized TED event" must be included in the logo, either as one line or two lines. (Do not change the wording of the tagline -- the only approved versions are shown here.)

The one-line tagline logo is preferable. However in situations where there is not enough room to use a logo of this width, the two-line tagline logo may be used.

Example logo: One-line tagline
Example logo: two-line tagline

Logos and place names

Your specific TEDx logo will contain your place name. For longer place names, you can use an alternate template that puts the place name on a second line.

Example logo: Place names

Place names with descenders

For place names that contain lower-case letters with descenders (p, q, g, j, y) use the two-line stacked tagline so that the descenders do not touch the tagline.

Example logo: Place names with descenders

Background color

Use a solid, all-white or all-black background, as shown at right. (For your event's profile on, we recommend a white background.) Do not place your TEDx event's logo on other colors or on photographic, patterned or illustrative backgrounds.

Example logos: Background color

Clear space

To ensure that your TEDx event's logo is presented in the best possible manner, a minimum buffer zone of clear space should always be maintained around the perimeter of the logo. Other logos, graphics or copy must be kept out of this zone. (Logos may not be "locked up" with any other logos or images. Other logos cannot appear as if they were a part of your TEDx event's logo.)

TEDx logo clear space

What to avoid

Do not set the place name in all caps, or change its size.

Example of incorrect logo: name in all caps

Do not change the color of TEDx, the place name, or the "x" in the tagline.

Example of incorrect logo: text colors

Do not place your TEDx event's logo on other colors or on photographic, patterned or illustrative backgrounds.

Example of incorrect logo: background colors

Only use the 2-line template for longer place names.

Example of incorrect logo: template

Do not change the color of the "x" in TEDx.

Example of incorrect logo: TEDx colors

Do not create your TEDx event's logo or the TEDx tagline in your own typeface.

Example of incorrect logo: typeface