Naming your event

TEDx events are community-driven and are named after the local area in which the community they will serve is situated. Find out how to pick a name that fits your community event.

Event naming conventions

All TEDx event names follow this basic format: “TEDx” followed by a location-based descriptor such as the name of a city, neighborhood, street, etc. (e.g. TEDxAustin, TEDxKoprivnica Library)

Whether you hold an in-person or virtual event, your event name identifies the host community and lets the world know where the local ideas you’re amplifying come from. It also helps viewers connect with the event and understand its unique place within our global platform.

Review the logo guidelines for details on formatting your event logo. Check specific naming guidelines for different event types.

TEDx events cannot be named after:

  • Countries
  • States or Provinces
  • Regions
  • Location nicknames
  • Historic names
  • Buildings
  • Museums
  • Proprietary names or commercially-owned developments
  • Organizations (such as corporations, nonprofits and NGOs)
  • Themes or topics (i.e. TEDxDesign)

Major city names will be reserved for individuals organizing events attended by more than 100 people. An event for less than 100 people named after a major city would not adequately serve the community the name represents. (To organize an event attended by more than 100 people, you need to have attended a qualifying TED conference in person.)

How to name your event

Your TEDx event name refers to the community that the event will serve. The name should be relevant and meaningful to your audience.

When choosing your event name, consider a neighborhood, street, river, lake or public square that represents the audience of the event.

If you choose a street name, public square, lake, or another local entity, your event name must include the appropriate descriptor for that entity - such as TEDxRegent St, TEDxBrick Lane, or TEDxRawa River.

The TEDx name you propose must be specific to your area within your town or city.

For example, there are more than ten local TEDx events in London that represent specific communities: they include TEDxLondon, TEDxRegent St, TEDxEaling, TEDxEast End, TEDxSquare Mile, TEDxTeddington, TEDxKensington, TEDxBow, TEDxEuston and TEDxMarylebone.

Institution names

If you are hosting an event for your university or school community, your event can be named after the school or university. Names must include “School”, “University”, “College” or “U” qualifier as part of the name. (Note: Make sure you have permission of your school or university before applying.)

Internal event names

If you are hosting an internal event, you can apply with the name of your company as the main TEDx name. (This is the only case in which you can do so.) If you are the local branch of an existing TEDx or multinational corporation, add the local city qualifier at the end of your name.