TEDx Ambassadors

TEDx Ambassadors serve as a regional leaders for TEDx – they support and protect their region’s community, brand, and leadership.

Why Ambassadors?

One of our main objectives at TEDx is to strengthen regional collaborations among TEDx organizers in existing TEDx communities around the world. Reaching across borders makes for a stronger community, and a wider-reaching impact.

With this in mind, TED appoints ambassadors in some regions of the world who can help oversee and grow regional connections within their community. After all, the people best poised to represent a community are those directly from that community.

Who are the Ambassadors?

The TEDx Ambassadors are individuals from around the globe who foster their local TEDx community, help oversee the branding issues with the TEDx events in their region, and act as a leader for TED and TEDx community in that region.

By helping TED monitor the use of the TEDx brand, and fostering a spirit of collaboration among organizers in the region, it allows us to further spread the reach of TEDx globally.

TEDx Ambassadors

Jade Zhao


Joyce Gacheru

East Africa

Elena Zgardan

Eastern Europe

Jooyong Moon

South Korea


Daniel Lim

Southeast Asia

Rob Speekenbrink

The Netherlands

What TEDx Ambassadors do

Foster the Community
  • Help connect TEDx groups in their region, facilitate conversations between TEDx groups, and support events that share regional resources.
  • On the TEDx Google Group, spearhead the regional "voice" and start threads that encourage an ongoing regional dialogue. They also encourage organizers from their area to contribute to the TEDx Wiki.
  • Facilitate conversation between organizers in the appointed region by hosting (or encouraging a licensee in the area to host) an in-person or digital workshop with all of the TEDx organizers in the region.
Protect the TEDx Brand
  • Keep an eye on regional TEDx websites to ensure that TEDx branding guidelines are followed.
  • Regularly check in on activity on social networks.
  • Make TED aware of any general abuse of the TED/TEDx brand.
Exercise and Support Leadership
  • Submit ongoing suggestions to TED on how to support the appointed TED or TEDx community, and recommend ways for TED to grow TEDx in that region of the world.
  • Help select and support next year's ambassador for that region.
Rules to Remember
  • The TEDx Ambassador cannot use their position to fund-raise for an individual TEDx event.
  • The TEDx Ambassador cannot act as the TED or TEDx “gatekeeper” of all decisions in their region, or create a hierarchy in a community.

Become an Ambassador

Being an ambassador can be an incredibly rewarding and rich experience, and we welcome any and all TEDx organizers to join us.

The benefits of being an Ambassador
  • A complimentary pass to the TEDActive conference
  • Recognition on TED.com (in other words, on this page!)
  • Acknowledgment as a TEDx Ambassador at the TEDx @ TEDActive workshop. After a year, TEDx Ambassadors become Senior TEDx Ambassadors, and will have the opportunity to support members of the incoming class.
Nominate a TEDx Ambassador

If you would like to nominate a TEDx organizer in your community to be considered for the TEDx Ambassador role, please fill out this form. Note: All TEDx Ambassador nominees and applicants must be active TEDx licensees.

  • The TEDx Ambassador term will last one year, and begins every year at TEDActive.
  • TEDx Ambassadors are required to attend a TEDx Ambassador training and brainstorming meeting at TEDActive at the beginning of their term.
  • TEDx Ambassadors are required to get on monthly conference calls with the TED team to discuss updates about their region.
  • The TEDx Ambassador will become a Senior TEDx Ambassador at the end of their year to support other incoming ambassadors.