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Partner and Managing Director of Between Spa a leading consulting company in Information & Communication Technology, with offices in Milan, Rome, Turin and Rio de Janeiro. Formerly CEO of SOMEDIA, a company controlled by the publishing Group l'Espresso offering online services and organizing the conferences and seminars of La Repubblica. Formerly CEO of SOMEA, consulting company with siege in Rome. Currently Chairman of Sim-patia, a social cooperative offering assisted residential and daily services to physical disable persons.


English, French, Italian

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TEDGlobal 2010

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Evolution history, biology, environment, economy, social entrepreneurship, social science.

My TED story

Discovered in 2008. Addicted in one week. Looking for a way to do something comparable in Italy and happy to have the chance to be TEDx licensee of the first TEDx in my Country.

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Gerolamo Saibene
Posted over 2 years ago
How will you take part in JR's TED Prize wish?
I had the same idea, to associate the I/O project to TEDxLakeComo 2011 that I am organizing on november,5. The poster will be shown in the TEDxlakeComo site and the children shots projected on white wall of one of the most important building of the city.