Regional workshops

TEDx regional workshops, hosted and attended by TEDx organizers, provide an opportunity for those who have organized a TEDx event to come together to discuss best practices and ideas for the TEDx community in their region.

What is a TEDx regional workshop? 

The first-ever regional workshop, the TEDx Asia Organizers Workshop, brought 20 organizers from various countries throughout Asia to the Great Wall of China. This event sparked various TEDx collaborations in that region, beginning a new TEDx initiative centered on TEDx community members' shared goals.

Since then, we’ve been supporting TEDx organizers across the globe to take a leadership role in their community by hosting workshops for other organizers in their region.

Organize your own workshop

Depending on your ambition level and funding, your TEDx regional workshop could be city-wide, regional, country-wide — or even for an entire continent. It can be a day-long gathering, or just an hour-long meeting over a cup of coffee.

If you’re interested in planning a workshop, direct all correspondence and updates to TEDx Deputy Director Salome Heusel at Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Define its scope - What best defines the region from which you want others to participate? The region can be small or large. (Large might mean "Scandinavia"; small would mean "Copenhagen.")
  2. Get approval - Email with the agenda, goals, proposed date and location of the workshop. (Note: Ideally, a TED staff member will attend your workshop. We'll work with you to determine the best way to make that happen.)
  3. Choose a name (and get it approved) - Email with the proposed name of your workshop. The general convention for a workshop's name is TEDx [city/region] Regional Workshop.
  4. Draft your invite and send it to us - Draft an invitation email and send it to us. This should give an overview of what's planned at the workshop, while making it clear that the workshop is collaborative. We will send the invitation to all of the organizers in the designated region.
  5. Get in touch with organizers who respond - Once your invitation has received responses, we'll send the interested organizers’ names and email addresses to you, so you can get in touch and begin working together. (We encourage you to include them in your workshop planning process.)
  6. Read the TEDx Regional Workshops Handbook - The guide has some ideas and need-to-knows on running your workshop.

What your organizers workshop should look like

Workshops should foster a collaborative spirit among the TEDx organizers who attend; there should be no sense of hierarchy.

At the workshop, focus on how to leverage the TEDx platform — and your local TEDx community — to make an even greater impact on the world, together.

Here are some suggestions on how you can collaborate with other TEDx organizers:

  • Invite other TEDx organizers to your TEDx event.
  • Plan a series of TEDx events in your region, over a day or a week.
  • Organize a screening of the webcast of another TEDx event in your region.
  • During your event, use Skype to have conversations with other TEDx organizers in your region.
  • Create a short (3 minutes or less) video that gives an overview of your TEDx event.
  • Plan back-to-back TEDx events, and share speakers between them.

You can find much more in the TEDx Regional Workshop Handbook.

TEDx Tips 

  • Ideally, a TEDx Organizers Workshop should take place a day before a TEDx event in that region, so the organizers can attend the workshop one day, and then the event another day.

Rules to Remember 

  • You can have sponsorships for a regional workshop, but sponsors are not allowed to attend a workshop.
  • TED must approve your workshop’s name, date, location, and objectives before your organize it.
  • You can’t be selective; you must invite all of the TEDx organizers within the region or city you’ve chosen for your workshop.

TEDx 10 Commandments for a Regional Workshop

  1. Every attendee must be a TEDx organizer (past, present or future). No sponsors!
  2. All TEDx organizers are equal
  3. All guests will come to learn
  4. All guests will share freely about successes and mistakes
  5. Guests will take ownership of the workshop
  6. Hosts will ensure that attendees are comfortable
  7. Hosts will steer the conversation toward ideas that improve the TEDx program and TEDx events
  8. Every guest will get an opportunity to participate/present
  9. All participants will embrace the spirit of TED
  10. All participants will maintain these principles: curiosity, openness, passion, quality and diversity


Highlights from past regional workshops

March 2013: Egyptian organizers workshop
Organizer: Amr Elsheikh of TEDxTanta.

Over 30 TEDx team members, from 20 different events across Egypt came together to discuss everything from hiccups faced by new organizers to the roadblocks that halt even the most seasoned TEDx’er. As workshop organizer Amr Elsheikh of TEDxTanta said, “With each team talking about how they faced problems squarely and managed to create a respectable event by their own ways and solutions, everyone got to learn a new way to solve potential problems."

December 2012 — Sudan workshop
Organizer: Anwar Dafa-Alla, TEDxKhartoum

During the workshop, presentations were given by the TEDxKhartoum core team to more than 75 attendees, representing all licensed TEDx events in Sudan. The workshop also included presentations on how to translate TEDx Talks through the universal subtitling program, Amara, and tips on venue selection, event planning, organization, social media, and video production.