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The most popular talks of all time (20 talks)
20 talks
The most popular talks of all time
5h 42m • Curated by TED
Are schools killing creativity? What makes a great leader? How can I find happiness? These 20 talks are the ones that you and your fellow TED fans just can't stop sharing.
Lasers! (4 talks)
4 talks
50:38 • Curated by TED
Admit it, lasers are pretty cool. Discover the awesome, ingenious ways these beams of light are being used to fight against malaria, HIV and even edit memory.
Talks for the hopeless romantic (7 talks)
7 talks
Talks for the hopeless romantic
1h 34m • Curated by TED
Who doesn't love love? A collection of talks for those who can't get enough of it.
How does my brain work? (14 talks)
14 talks
How does my brain work?
3h 22m • Curated by TED
How exactly does the brain — a 3-pound snarl of nervous tissue — create inspired inventions, the feeling of hunger, the experience of beauty, the sense of self? Researchers at the edge of science explain …
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