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The TED Fellows program is a global network of 300 innovators and trailblazers from a spectrum of disciplines. Every year, we look for 40 additional amazing change-makers to join the pack. Plug into this vibrant community by applying to be a Fellow, sponsoring the program or exploring their stories of growth and impact.

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WATCH: the bustling city of Bombay is captured through contemporary dance in a new short film by Puneet Rakheja. http://t.co/dSR0gRSamU
TED Fellows 29 Jun
"Our lawsuit will travel through the legal system slower than the G train. But at least it's moving." @NeginFarsad http://t.co/qCNFJmikCg
TED Fellows 29 Jun
Kenyan artist and TED Fellow Cyrus Kabiru turns Nairobi's trash into eyewear http://t.co/Hbj5J0rBv7 http://t.co/RaJiyJhETq
TED Fellows 26 Jun
"In Search of Rainbows" - a painting by TED Fellow @sharmistharay celebrating hope and freedom. http://t.co/75pUU8UWlI
TED Fellows 26 Jun
A moving personal essay from TED Fellow @JedidahIslerPhD http://t.co/E4lzsatSY4 http://t.co/UbIoZBj8ib
TED Fellows 25 Jun