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A video game that’s changing the field of physical therapy by adding fun (and lowering cost) to healing @MiraRehab https://t.co/swLD0fZxA8
TED Fellows 26 Mar
Art as activism, low-cost scientific innovations and futuristic starships – stories from today's global visionaries https://t.co/h1jPb7sYT2
TED Fellows 26 Mar
"We are the audience and we are the composers." @meklitmusic https://t.co/AHiJhJpSkr
TED Fellows 26 Mar
Peek into the technology of the future, with talks by TED Fellows @PrakashLab, @afromusing and more https://t.co/v8KaRTcYNg
TED Fellows 25 Mar
Everything you never knew about asteroids @listen2spacepod https://t.co/chb2LKXXp8
TED Fellows 25 Mar

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Sarah vs. Trump

My daughter Sarah.My 11-year-old daughter has some questions for President Trump about the Muslim Ban.“Dad, does this mean we can’t travel to the US this year?” asked my 11-year...
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