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Artist @ckabiruart is resculpting the story of the Black Mamba – once the main form of transportation across Kenya. https://t.co/MHNLfIsTvL
TED Fellows 30 Jul
Diving deeper, the new OpenROV drone can swim faster than a olympic swimmer – for less than the cost of a laptop. https://t.co/kSKaaM7DSB
TED Fellows 29 Jul
Fake the Nation is a new, hilarious political podcast hosted by comedian @NeginFarsad. https://t.co/VnStwHZIkA
TED Fellows 29 Jul
“Don’t waste energy fighting the things that cannot be changed... Adapt to the situation and learn to ride with it.” https://t.co/hpZYdttvy2
TED Fellows 28 Jul
This artist's work blends art and science, turning data into one-of-a-kind sculptures. https://t.co/Pdy7dvtpLH
TED Fellows 28 Jul