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The TED Fellows program is a global network of 300 innovators and trailblazers from a spectrum of disciplines. Every year, we look for 40 additional amazing change-makers to join the pack. Plug into this vibrant community by applying to be a Fellow, sponsoring the program or exploring their stories of growth and impact.

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"Artist Bassam Tariq is determined to shine a light on the incredible diversity of Muslim life " https://t.co/0sGJaqdOw8
TED Fellows 27 Nov
“Who is listening in on your phone calls?” https://t.co/dr08Y1lfh4
TED Fellows 27 Nov
Philosophical thoughts from the Okavango: https://t.co/cRV3Y1nqDr
TED Fellows 26 Nov
What does an Afro symbolize? https://t.co/kNrNhZkwL7
TED Fellows 26 Nov
“Go straight to the front line for a Q&A between Afghan National Army unit captain Jalaluddin.” https://t.co/Id6vdhhGV8
TED Fellows 25 Nov