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The 360+ TED Fellows are making headlines in over 80 countries for their incredible work in all fields. They are building companies, sequencing rare diseases, exploring the stars, making music, saving lives, mapping political violence, and much much more. Here, you can connect with TED Fellows all over the world.

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Meet the TED2015 Fellows!

Trevor Aaronson (USA)

Investigative journalist

Journalist reporting on the FBI's misuse of informants in counterterrorism operations. He investigates whether the United States is catching terrorists or creating them.

Benedetta Berti (Israel + Italy)

Middle East policy analyst

Policy consultant and researcher on political violence in the Middle East, focusing on issues of human security and conflict resolution.

Laura Boykin (USA + Australia)

Computational biologist

Biologist who is using genomics and supercomputing to tackle food security issues in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically invasive whiteflies’ devastation of cassava, a staple food in many countries.

Camille A. Brown (USA)

Choreographer & arts activist

Choreographer exploring and exposing cultural, gender and social justice issues through contemporary dance, musical theater, arts education and community outreach.

Tal Danino (USA)


Bioengineer using genetically programmed bacteria to create a cancer diagnostic tool that, after being ingested, changes the color of urine to signal the presence of a tumor in the body.

Jost Franko (Slovenia)

Documentary photographer

A 21-year-old documentary photographer focusing on forgotten populations and social issues, such as the loss of traditional values in the modern world and the often-unseen consequences of conflict and war.

LaToya Ruby Frazier (USA)

Visual artist + photographer

Artist primarily working with photography to investigate issues around environmental justice and Rust Belt renewal, family and communal history and private/public space, often blurring the lines between self-portraiture and documentary.

Tharanga Goonetilleke (Sri Lanka | USA)

Opera singer

A Juilliard-trained Sri Lankan opera singer who has sung internationally -- including with the New York City Opera at Carnegie Hall, and with the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka. She is committed to bringing the tradition of Western opera to artists in both South Asia and the United States.

David Hertz (Brazil)

Chef + social entrepreneur

Chef and founder of Brazil’s first socio-gastronomic organization, Gastromotiva, which brings culinary education to favela residents, creating employment opportunities and empowering vulnerable communities.

Jonathan Home (Switzerland)

Quantum scientist

Physicist working to build the first quantum computer, attempting to achieve high-precision control of individual atoms in order to build up quantum systems, atom by atom.

Nizar Ibrahim (Germany | Morocco)


Paleontologist working on several large-scale international research projects on the African continent, including the search for the semi-aquatic dinosaur Spinosaurus.

Jedidah Isler (USA)


Astrophysicist studying blazars -- hyperactive supermassive black holes at the center of massive galaxies. She is also working to make science, technology, engineering and math accessible to underrepresented communities.

Matt Kenyon (USA)

New media artist

Artist who uses sculpture and a wide range of other media to explore the effects of global corporations, military-industrial complexes and the line between human and artificial life.

Danielle N Lee (USA)

Behavioral biologist

Biologist researching the ecological and evolutionary behaviors of African giant pouched rats. A popular blogger for Scientific American, she also uses hip hop to teach science to underserved groups.

Cosmin Mihaiu (Romania | UK)

Physical therapy entrepreneur

CEO and co-founder of MIRA Rehab, developer of a software platform that engages patients in interactive and therapeutic games, making physical rehabilitation fun.

Lerato Mokobe (South Africa)


A 19-year-old award-winning slam poet who explores social injustice and gender identity issues. She is also founder of Vocal Revolutionaries, a volunteer-run literary organization focused on empowering African youth.

Patience Mthunzi (South Africa)

Laser physicist

Biophotonics physicist who is working to discover medical applications of laser technology, including the targeted treatment of HIV and cancer.

Sarah Sandman (USA)

Artist + designer

Artist using design to create social experiences that bring people together -- such as the Gift Cycle project, through which she helped neighboring communities exchange gifts of art.

eL Seed (Tunisia | France)

Calligraffiti artist

Artist who blends the modern art of graffiti with the historic art of Arabic calligraphy to encourage peaceful expression and social change.

Aomawa Shields (USA)

Astronomer + astrobiologist

Astronomer studying the climate and habitability of planets around low-mass stars. A classically trained actor, she also engages young girls in astronomy using theater and writing.

Trang Tran (Vietnam)

Agriculture entrepreneur

Co-founder of Fargreen, a social entrepreneurship that empowers local rice farmers to use biowaste to grow high quality mushrooms, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving livelihoods.

TED2015 Senior Fellows

Negin Farsad

Comedian + filmmaker
USA | Iran

Somi Kakoma

Vocalist, songwriter + culturist
Rwanda | Uganda | USA

Christine Sun Kim

Sound artist

David Lang

Maker, explorer + writer

Kristen Marhaver

Coral reef biologist
USA | Curaçao

Ed Ou

Multimedia journalist
Canada | Taiwan

Will Potter

Investigative journalist

Safwat Saleem

Fine artist, graphic designer + satirist
Pakistan | USA

Shivani Siroya

Mobile finance entrepreneur
USA | India

Christopher Soghoian

Privacy researcher + activist

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