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TEDGlobal Fellows class of 2014

Congratulations to the newest class of TED Fellows! These 20 thought-leaders will join the TED community starting in October 2014.

Alasdair Harris (UK)

Marine ecologist + tourism entrepreneur

A British marine ecologist and founder of Blue Ventures, a social enterprise working with coastal communities to protect marine biodiversity using sustainable, locally-led methods.

Alison Killing (UK)


An architect and urban designer, Killing uses journalism, filmmaking and exhibitions to help people better understand the built environment. She explores the relationship between death and modern architecture, looking at how cities are rebuilt after disaster.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind (UK | Sweden)

Documentary photographer

A London-based photojournalist who works around the world on issues relating to women, birth rights, depopulation and post-conflict regions.

Bassam Tariq (USA | Pakistan)

Filmmaker + butcher

An award-winning Pakistani-American documentary filmmaker whose most recent project, These Birds Walk, explores the struggles of street children in Pakistan. He is also the co-founder of Honest Chops, the first organic halal butcher in Manhattan.

Bill Sellanga (Kenya)


A producer and DJ, Sellanga is also the frontman of the musical collective Just A Band, which mixes genres like hip-hop, electronica and funk to make music for popular radio and to give voice to Kenyan youth.

Bradley Cantrell (USA)

Computational landscape architect

A landscape architect whose work focuses on the role of computation and media in environmental and ecological design. He is currently working on the Mississippi Delta, creating technological interfaces which imagine new forms of settlement, infrastructure and habitat.

Catharine Young (South Africa | USA)


A South African-born neuroscientist who is working with the US government to contain biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. She recently co-founded BluePrint International, which uses technology to overcome complex social problems in developing countries, like improving the logistics of vaccine delivery.

Catherine Crump (USA)

Attorney + privacy advocate

A civil liberties lawyer whose work focuses on combating government surveillance and protecting the free speech rights of political protesters. She has filed cases challenging the NSA and the Department of Homeland security.

Constance Hockaday (USA | Chile)

Sailor + artist

A Chilean-American artist who creates large-scale, community-driven art projects that focus on water, urban waterfronts, and land rights. Her projects work to create new spaces for cultures on the margins by moving them onto the water.

Geoffrey Siwo (Kenya | USA)

Systems biologist

A computational biologist who is building predictive models for malaria drug discovery. He is the co-founder of Helix Nanotechnologies, a company developing a DNA “tape recorder” to collect information inside cells, and also developed a game called Fit2Cure, which aims to enhance the pace of drug discovery.

Illac Angelo Diaz (Philippines)

Alternative energy entrepreneur

A Filipino energy entrepreneur who founded Liter of Light, which has created a local sustainable supply chain to manufacture and sell low-cost "bottled light" to communities living without electricity around the world.

Joe Landolina (USA)

Medical product inventor

A 21-year old inventor of VETI-GEL, a gel that can instantly stop traumatic bleeding without the need to apply pressure. He recently built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, New York to bring the product to market.

Jose Manuel Moller (Chile)

Food distribution entrepreneur

A Chilean food distribution entrepreneur whose company Algramo works to sustainably reduce the costs of basic goods, like rice and detergent, by making them available in vending machines at neighborhood stores.

Laura Boushnak (Kuwait | Palestine | Bosnia + Herzegovina)


A Kuwaiti-born Palestinian photographer whose work focuses on women, literacy and education reform in the Arab world. She is also the co-founder of the RAWIYA collective, a photography cooperative of female photographers from the Middle East.

Marcela Uliano da Silva (Brazil)

Molecular-computational biologist

A Brazilian biologist sequencing the genome of an invasive species, the Golden Mussel, to better understand its genetic and evolutionary traits and discover ways to avoid it from endangering the Amazon River basin.

Mohammed Dalwai (South Africa)

Healthcare innovator + emergency medicine doctor

A healthcare entrepreneur and emergency medicine doctor in South Africa who has co-founded TOMPSA, which builds mobile apps for healthcare workers in developing countries, including a triage app that acts as a decision support system for patients in critical condition.

Mundano (Brazil)

Street artist

A Brazilian street artist and activist who created “Pimp My Carroça”, a crowdfunded, community-led movement to raise awareness about the invisible work garbage collectors do with carroças in Brazil and around the world.

Patricia Medici (Brazil)

Tapir conservationist

A Brazilian wildlife conservationist leading the longest running conservation project to protect the threatened lowland tapir – the largest terrestrial mammal in South America, found in several biomes including the Amazon, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Pantanal in Brazil.

Sangu Delle (Ghana)

African investor

An entrepreneur and investor from Ghana who founded Golden Palm Investments to fund promising start-ups and build world-class businesses in Africa.

Tharanga Goonetilleke (Sri Lanka | USA)

Opera singer

A Juilliard-trained Sri Lankan opera singer who has sung internationally, including with the New York City Opera, at Carnegie Hall and the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka while providing free master classes, workshops and recitals in South Asia and the US.

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