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Think of TEDx as hosting an awesome dinner party, with great food, inspirational videos, brilliant speakers and mind-blowing conversation. By organizing a TEDx event, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique event that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.

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RT @duolingo: Our co-founder @LuisvonAhn gave a TEDx talk to a room with 10,000 people! Watch the video in spanish:
TEDx 23 Jan
RT @TEDTalks: "Don't kill your language." Why a nation's language is so vital to its future:
TEDx 23 Jan
"How is it that we take more time taking care of our teeth than we do taking care of our mind?" On emotional hygiene
TEDx 23 Jan
@garirius Hi there! You can find events in Valencia through our event finder:
TEDx 22 Jan
@austindcaldwell Glad to help! :)
TEDx 22 Jan