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Think of TEDx as hosting an awesome dinner party, with great food, inspirational videos, brilliant speakers and mind-blowing conversation. By organizing a TEDx event, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique event that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.

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Scaling a mountain, kayaking the Mediterranean — the extreme ways @TEDxAthens announced their speaker line-up:
TEDx 22 Sep
“We can’t practice compassion with other people if we can’t treat ourselves kindly.”
TEDx 22 Sep
RT @TEDxVienna: Have you spotted the X yet? Take a photo & tweet it. #TEDxVienna #worthspreading #schwedenbrücke #TEDx
TEDx 22 Sep
Curious about the most popular TEDx Talks? Watch the top 10 here:
TEDx 19 Sep
How 5 TEDx events are making Instagram more interesting:
TEDx 19 Sep

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Apply now to host a TEDxLive event around the Wednesday, October 8th program of TEDGlobal 2014

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Events that feature live speakers and TED Talk videos and that aim to spark conversation, and connections.

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Over With 30,000 videos from events in more than 130 countries.

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Locally organized events celebrating the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading.

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