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Rodrigo Vieira da Cunha is a journalist He is co-founder of Profile, a PR agency working with brands such as TED, UN Foundation, Yale University, The Webby Awards among other Brazilian/local brands. Profile is a spin off from LiveAD, a digital agency working with companies like Unilever, Oi Telecom, Santander Bank and RedBull among others. In his free time, Rodrigo co-leads groups of people working to find spiritual meaning with the use of ancient traditions. Rodrigo's experience includes managing the reputation of business leaders with high impact in the society. He started his career as a journalist at important Brazilian publications. From 2003 to 2011, Rodrigo was in charge of the communications strategy for sustainability in Banco Real, a world leader in this matter. The bank has earned important PR recognitions through prizes awarded by Financial Times and UN among others. After the acquisition of Banco Real by spanish Santander in 2008, Rodrigo was also appointed for managing all PR strategy to the CEO Fabio Barbosa, also president of Brazilian Banks Federation. Rodrigo also co-created the digital strategy of Santander, launching an internal social network, and the framework for social media tools, including customer care. Prior to this, Rodrigo worked as a journalist at important Brazilian publications. At age 23 he was responsible for southern Brazil office for Veja magazine, Brazil's most influent publication. Later on he worked on VOCE s/a, when he was recognized with 2 important journalism awards in Brazil, from Fiat Allis and Citibank. In 2004, Rodrigo organized the book ˜How to make a company succeed in an uncertain country", published by NGO Endeavor and chosen by Exame, the most important business magazine in Brazil, as one of the 10 best business books in the world in 2005. In his spare time, Rodrigo volunteers as TEDx Ambassador for Latin America, appointed by TED Conferences. Rodrigo is 38 years old, has 2 kids and loves to spend most of his free time surfing around the world.

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2015, TEDGlobal 2014, TEDActive 2014, TED2013, TEDGlobal 2011, TEDActive 2011, TEDGlobal 2010

An idea worth spreading

I believe communications has the power to change the world. We have to be faithful about what we, communicators, tell the world about.

I'm passionate about

Communications, surfing, sustainability, connecting people, Consciousness,

Talk to me about

How to improve people's connectiveness through inspiring ideas and possibilities.

People don't know I'm good at

At connecting people. Since we live in a world of growing possibilities, there must be a filter to connect meaningful people to each other.

My TED story

We organized TEDxAmazonia in a floating hotel in the middle of the jungle for 500 people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z2Y1DuSbhc

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Rodrigo V Cunha
Posted over 4 years ago
How can we help the sustainability community maintain its growth? *A TEDActive Sustainability Project question*
The problem is that "green"is not part of business in most of the companies. And they look at this as side business and start by compensations. Logistics companies, for example, have to start thinking about changing fossil fuels to other sources of energy, for example. Only by doing this, for example, a green fuel market will emerge and that will be expensive as it is now. Sustainability should be part of the business and not seen as philanthropy. We still have a long way to, but we already started.