About Gerardo


Licensee & Curator of TEDxMexicoCity since 2010. TEDx Ambassador since 2015.


English, Spanish

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2015, TEDActive 2011

Areas of Expertise

Consultancy, Innovation, Content, Conferences, Funding , Creativity, Education

An idea worth spreading

Logic will set us free

I'm passionate about

Education, Philosophy, Ethics, Communication, Power & TEDx, Your personal quest.

Talk to me about

Youth, Entrepreneurship, Content, Innovation, Education, Global issues, etc.

My TED story

I am involved in the movement since 2010 Since then and to date I have organized TEDxMexicoCity (Before TEDxDF) in conjunction with an extraordinary group of over 300 volunteers in total.

In 2013 I co-organized co TEDxIztapalapa with the intention of bringing the power of ideas to the most underprivileged areas of Mexico.

I believe in the values ​​of TED and am honored to be part of the most important movement for the diffusion of ideas.

Favorite talks