Ralph Talmont

Creative strategist / producer / innovation consultant, TEDxWarsaw
Warsaw, Poland

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English, German, Polish

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TEDGlobal 2011

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Communications, Innovation and creativity, Strategic Design, Contract Publishing, Photography and multimedia, Internet and transmedia, Event Planning & Organizing, Training & Development

An idea worth spreading

In many places around the World, it is the custom to give flowers at a wedding. That's nice but essentially useless and needlessly expensive. Well, my wife and I asked our guests to bring copy books, pens, backpacks and other school stuff instead and I was heartened to see a veritable mountain of these things at the end of the day - the guests had listened! These items were given to a school with so little money that teachers staple used photocopy paper together to make up exercise books. This is in 21st century Europe! We'd like to make this idea a trend so couples do not end up with mountains of useless flowers that go to the dump immediately, but rather contribute in a simple and direct way to a kid's education in their community. There are too many children out there needing the most basic of things and they do not all live in exotic places you're never likely to visit. They live within 100 km of your home.

I'm passionate about

creativity, communication, travel, entrepreneurship, books, cooking, jazz, world music, education, history, oceans, sustainability, still and moving pictures, appropriate technology, change for good


Deakin University

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Technology, books, collaborative art, multimedia, yachting, photography, education, food, wine, travel, world cultures, history, jazz, responsibility, what is culture

People don't know I'm good at

cooking. OK. Maybe they do know... :) and playing percussion instruments. OK, maybe they know that too. Damn, They already know everything...

My TED story

It's a great pleasure to be organising TEDxWarsaw with an amazing team of people (check us out at tedxwarsaw.com) I also organised TEDxWulkan and co-produced TEDxWarsawWomen. We have now grown to also include a regular TEDxWarsawSalon events and are a part of our regional TEDx community, and - by invitation from the President of the Republic of Poland - we put on TEDxWarsawPresidentialPalace in May 2014, to talk about all of the things important to our own individual place that each of us has in society: education, responsibility, progress and technology, social engagement, pursuit of success (whatever that means to each of us) and generally designing our lives for the better.

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Ralph Talmont
Posted almost 4 years ago
Markus Fischer: A robot that flies like a bird
The most priceless event was actually later on during the conference when the Bird took to the sky, much to the consternation of Edinburgh's gull population. It took them a ll of thirty seconds to form a large flock above this strange creature and it was clear what was going through their minds... mostly confusion :) In any event, they thought it safest to simply use the oldest deterrent known to gull, ie. guano, delivered in dive bomber fashion.
Ralph Talmont
Posted almost 6 years ago
Yochai Benkler: The new open-source economics
Chauncey , Yochai has had the great vision to see beyond the next hill but the real question now that these principles have become accepted norm is how to derive value (not just monetary). In my field - media - newspapers are on their way out. We're at the starting point of the next ecosystem and whatever our generation dreams up will be come the norm for how business gets done for a while to come! We're living in a time of evolutionary-level "great dying" - evolutionary economists are right... Right alongside there is going on a great birthing but in order for speciation to take place an entire ecosystem must first be built. We are building our business on these lines as I have long believed that what's actually required is not a bit of change but a complete rethinking of (in our field) publishing systems and means of social exchange that go along with those, so as to serve our vertical markets better. Feel free to ping me a message off my profile and carry on the discussion.
Ralph Talmont
Posted almost 8 years ago
Bono: My wish: Three actions for Africa
A plain spoken, impassioned call to action by an intelligent, thoughtful rock star. The cynics out there will no doubt say "he's a rock star, he can afford to have a cause". I say ain't it great that we have rock stars who can afford it and who do? Cynics have not been generally known to want to change the world for the better, much less to actually do anything in that direction. There is something each of us can do in our individual way. If you're an artist, create work which speaks to the common humanity of us all. If you're a politician, put forward a private members' bill that addresses a specific concern. If you're a businessman, think about how you can share your hard-won expertise with someone who needs your advice more than they need your money. If you're a techno-head, figure out a small piece of the technological puzzle to help the poor nations jump right across the communications chasm. If you're an actor, use your training to communicate the message to those who want to hear you speak. One kind of help is to get on an aeroplane and help with food distribution. Another is to build the groundswell of understanding which is the only way to combat apathy, disconnectedness and lack of interest. We can all do one thing in our own everyday lives to add to that groundswell - and Africa, although, she presents the most pressing needs right now today, is only a part of what needs to be done. The larger question which grows out of Bono's talk is the issue of equality for all of us. There are invisible people and hard social issues everywhere. The world is a small boat and we're all in it together.