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Javier Yunes, will always remember the time a teacher in high school lowered his score in an essay where you had to describe "A celebrity you admire" and he had chosen his grandfather.
The teacher wanted to corroborate the data the students wrote , but at that time (early 90s) it was very difficult to ascertain whether a person really had built a particle accelerator in his garage.
Perhaps by having an humanistic administration oriented bachelor degree and having studied industrial engineering, Javier found the balance between hard science and administration, each stimulated by either side of his family.
Perhaps by being an area coordinator of the Latin American Congress of Industrial Engineering Students, he learned the power of good team synergy and became close with a group of people who shared his values, interests and points of view for the reality that surrounds them.
Maybe by working in a multinational company and then switching to a family agribusiness, he found a way to devote time to enormously rewarding non-profit activities.
Perhaps with TED he finally feels the world is moving with strengths of its own to a place of prosperity and endless possibilities, a place his grandfather envisioned and longed. And, through TEDx, perhaps it is his turn to contribute a bit to this idea aswell.
And you know... It may also be your turn.

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2015, TEDGlobal 2014, TEDActive 2014, TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2012

Areas of Expertise

Internet, Engineering, Events Planning/Organizing, technology, Lateral Thinking

An idea worth spreading

Before discussing anything, let's make sure we are both using the same dictionary!

I'm passionate about

Capturing beautiful moments with my camera lens. Specially by going to places I've never been to.

Talk to me about

TEDxRosario and what makes common sense so uncommon :)

People don't know I'm good at

Reading faces. Playing board games. Aligning planets the way I want! :)

My TED story

Following since early 2007. Wanting to do something like TED since 2004. I've organized 7 large TEDx events. Attended TED Active 2012, 2013 and 2014, TEDx Summit, and 10 other TEDx events, organized and hosted 3 TEDx Southern Cone Organizers Workshop (100 attendees from 35 TEDx events the last one). Gave a TEDx Talk.
I've translated 2 TED talks and 5 TEDx Talks
Started 1 conversation! :) Still not enough TED for me!

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Javier Yunes
Posted over 4 years ago
Is there a realistic approach to provide a "comfortable" way of life to every human being on the word? Can the Earth support it?
-> USA has 5% of the wold's Population but consumes 35% of it's resources. This ain't sustainable at all! Rachel Botsman's talk on collaborative consuption might be the answer to this. -> The poorest 5% of Americans are Richer than 68% of World's Inhabitants. This means that poverty is relative? There always will be people with more money and people with less money and the later will be consider poor. Even if they could be cosidered rich somewhere else.
Javier Yunes
Posted over 4 years ago
Is there a realistic approach to provide a "comfortable" way of life to every human being on the word? Can the Earth support it?
I'm also worried that only what's profitable gets researched. If some company discovers a material or chemical or process that is great for something, is cheap and Eco friendly and they cannot get a patent on it, then they dump it and probably keep using the mediocre material, chemical or process that pollutes but is very profitable. This also applies to the health system! And even to countries. If fusion is found, will every country on earth be allowed to have it or they'll have to buy the electricity?
Javier Yunes
Posted over 4 years ago
What are the effects of taxes on motivation and productivity?
I think the lack of motivation taxes might cause are related with how you perceive these funds are going to be used. If you could trust completely on your government to spend it in a transparent and reasonable manner, then you wouldn't mind having to pay a little more. On the other hand if government did exactly that, they would't need to rise taxes :)