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David Choo has been working as an Creative Urbanist with various companies and projects. He has so much interested in the villages/cities based on their communities because he believes that stories of villages/cities can bring changes to their society, not physical development or reconstruction.
He's been trying to make a change as a curator of TEDxItaewon, Seoul. He is TEDx Ambassador for Korea also and has attended TEDActive(Palm Springs) and TEDxSummit(Doha) 2012. He would like to share his ideas and passion with global network for villages/cities and North Korea by managing futureofcity(www.futureofcity.com) website and his foundation.


English, German, Hindi, Korean

TED Conference

TEDActive 2012

Areas of Expertise

Urban and Regional Planning, Developer of Mixed Use developments, Architectiure, Masterplanning, Project Management, Photo Editing, Social & Business Networking

An idea worth spreading

1) TEDx event experience in S.Korea. => I know we all have quite different backgrounds, but in this inter-national and multi-national backgrounds we can make a difference together. There is so famous street called "ITAEWON" in Korea, a place international people gather and enjoy shopping. This is a perfect multinational circumstance. With gathering, networking, sharing ideas and enjoying TED, we all can understand the cultural difference and come to know the way solving problems around us. 2) TEDx event sharing in developing countries => I've been to Nepal three times and other asian countries also. IMHO, the sustainable support to the young generation in developing countries is holding TEDx event! I hope to hold TEDx event in Nepal this summer and other developing countries next year. Holding TEDx events is the way to make them to be connected to various people, knowledge, and ideas. Hope to hear your voices and to see at our TEDxItaewon event. Thanks! :-)

I'm passionate about

Curiousity, Listening to life stories, Advanced quality of life with urban planning. http://www.futureofcity.com/

Talk to me about

He is korean looking, but living as a global citizen. He is TEDx licensee/curator and TEDx Ambassador in Korea.

People don't know I'm good at

Listenning to people's complain, connecting people, educating and inspirating people, and taking photograph.

My TED story

#1. 4 years ago, somebody recommended this TED.com site to me. So I have watched 1 story everyday for 4 years. Whenver I watch these stories, I feel more brave, inspired and become doing more specific actions. #2. Anwar, one of the most power translator from Sudan, he gave me an inspiration of doing of change this society. I have decided and lived to inspire and act doing good, right thing with my major, carrer. #3. I have attended to TEDActive and TEDxSummit. And now I am TEDxItaewon licensee/curator, TEDx Ambassador in S.Korea. TEDxItaewon is one of 48 strategic partners of TEDxChange. You can visit TEDxIteawon site => www.TEDxItaewon.com. SEND YOUR MESSAGES TO ME!(@sweater95) and VISIT MY FACEBOOK!! :-)

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

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David Choo
Posted 9 months ago
Dong Woo Jang: The art of bow-making
He was too nervous, but he has done very well! As a korean, I'm proud of him because he did try to do something meaningful even though we all koreans are grown in the stressful system of education. Thank you Dong Woo Jang. Hope to see you soon in Seoul!
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David Choo
Posted about 1 year ago
A stupid question and a lot of brilliant ideas! Actually, I just wanted to try to post up but there's no 'delete' botton. If you guys want to join the conversation about 'Before I Die' wall, plz visit the page below; => http://www.ted.com/conversations/19256/what_s_your_ideas_on_how_to_st.html
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David Choo
Posted about 1 year ago
James Cameron: Before Avatar ... a curious boy
Totally agreed with you James! "I think number one is curiosity. It's the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world." Thank you for the great inspiration.
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David Choo
Posted over 1 year ago
Hyeonseo Lee: My escape from North Korea
Carl, good to know you. I'm David, TEDxItaewon curator in Seoul. Let me try something for North Koreans this year. We South Koreans need to learn from you. At TEDActive in 2012, I met some guys from Germany and learnt a lot from them. Let's work together. *TEDxItaewonChange - Hyeon-Seo Lee - Life on the other side http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3dGj5988gM